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  • Release date: 2018-07-03
  • Current version: 3.11.0
  • Adult Ranking: 9+
  • File size: 122.49 MB
  • Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. or Android KitKat 4.4, Lollipop 5.0, Marshmallow 6.0, Nougat 7.0, Oreo 8.0, Android P 9.0 or later
Score: 4
From 19,755 Votes


How to download, install and play DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE on your PC and Mac

If you want to install and play the DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE game on your PC or Mac, you will need to download and install a Desktop App emulator for your computer. We have worked diligently to help you understand how to use DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE for your computer in 4 simple steps below:

Step 1: Download an Android emulator for PC and Mac

Ok. First things first. If you want to use the application on your computer, first visit the Mac store or Windows AppStore and search for either the Bluestacks app or the Nox App . Most of the tutorials on the web recommends the Bluestacks app and I might be tempted to recommend it too, because you are more likely to easily find solutions online if you have trouble using the Bluestacks application on your computer. You can download the Bluestacks Pc or Mac software here

Step 2: Install the emulator on your PC or Mac

Now that you have downloaded the emulator of your choice, go to the Downloads folder on your computer to locate the emulator or Bluestacks application.
Once you have found it, click it to install the application or exe on your PC or Mac computer.
Now click Next to accept the license agreement.
Follow the on screen directives in order to install the application properly.
If you do the above correctly, the Emulator app will be successfully installed.

Step 3: DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE game for PC - Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

Now, open the Emulator application you have installed and look for its search bar. Once you found it, type DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE in the search bar and press Search. Click on DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE game icon. A window of DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE on the Play Store or the app store will open and it will display the Store in your emulator application. Now, press the Install button and like on an iPhone or Android device, your Game will start downloading. Now we are all done.
You will see an icon called "All Apps".
Click on it and it will take you to a page containing all your installed Games.
You should see the DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE icon. Click on it and start playing the Game


Hi. Mac Gamer!
The steps to use DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE for Mac are exactly like the ones for Windows OS above. All you need to do is install the Nox Application Emulator or Bluestack on your Macintosh. You can get bluestacks here .

Download Andriod, Iphone

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Download APK
Thank you for reading this tutorial. Have a nice day!

DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE: Descriptions and Gameplay

Connect Ki Spheres and unleash your power! KAMEHAMEHA! The ultimate Dragon Ball Z battle experience is here! ◎Simple and intuitive DOKKAN action!◎ Just tap the ""Ki Spheres"" on the battle screen and send your enemies flying with overwhelming Super Attacks! ◎Make your own Dragon Ball dream team!◎ Train your favorite characters and Awaken them to new realms of power! Organize your team by Categories and Types and assemble the ultimate fighting force! ◎The world of Dragon Ball is your battlefield!◎ The timeline has been thrown into chaos, bringing you face-to-face with characters from across the ages... But you're not in this alone! Trunks, hero from the future, will fight by your side! Explore the board game-style map and enjoy an all-new story with your favorite characters! ◎The world of Dragon Ball is yours to explore!◎ Relive the anime action in Story Events! Face off against tough enemies in Dokkan Events and the World Tournament! And for true hardened fighters, the challenges of Extreme Z-Battle and Super Battle Road await! Get pumped--there's no stop to the action in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle! BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Website: http://bandainamcoent.co.jp/english/ By downloading or installing this app, you agree to the BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Terms of Service. Terms of Service: http://legal.bandainamcoent.co.jp/terms Privacy Policy: http://legal.bandainamcoent.co.jp/privacy Note: This game contains some items available for in-app purchase that can enhance gameplay and speed up your progress. In-app purchases can be disabled in your device settings, see http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4213 for more details. [Note About “Family Sharing”] This application currently does not support the “Ask to Buy” feature included with Family Sharing. As a result, using this feature to make an in-app purchase on a device with Family Sharing enabled may result in an error. We ask that you do not use the “Ask to Buy” feature when purchasing items until we have updated our application to support this feature. This application is distributed under the official rights from the license holder. Powered by ""CRIWARE"". CRIWARE is a trademark of CRI Middleware Co., Ltd.

Game Reviews

  • Dokkan is a Dragon Ball Fan game at it's finest.

    By Justin Freyer
    Let's start out with the only bad thing here. It's Pay to win. Now that that's out of the way. Let's talk about all the good this game has to offer. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a unique game with a very unique twist on the usual beat em ups. This is refreshing to say the least since most of us Dragon Ball fans are used to that formula for those games and the mechanic can either make or break the game. You collect these orbs that let you obtain ki for your ki meter that can be seen whenever you fight something. This game also comes with it's own story mode, can be completely f2p if the person so chooses (which is still viable to this day), and new things are added all the time. Sure, you can empty your purse of money into this game to get rare characters you want, however, the game already gives you plenty of dragon stones (this games Gotcha currency). Each of the story missions give you three stones and there are almost always events that give you special missions to gain more stones. I'd say it's worth it to grind a bit and earn a bit. It makes the experience of the game more genuine and fun. As a player myself that has trash luck, you can always make the best of your situations. That's why there are so many ways to play this game. And it's still being updated and modified! In my opinion, this is one of the best Dragon Ball games of it's time. Just look past that stamina issue...
  • Highly Addictive

    By adiprimo
    If you're a fan of the series than you'll love this game...no doubt. However be warned that "free to play" only lasts so long before you run out of ways to earn dragon stones (the in app currency). At that point you have to wait for the extremely slow distribution of more stones by the developers (as slow as 1 stone every other day or so at some times), or take the plunge and buy stones. You tell yourself at first it's a one time thing to get a few more summons for the featured card, however being a completely randomized summon generator there's no guarantee you'll get the featured card. That's all known before you go in, but like every claw game or slot machine (a more apt comparison) the more you pull and not hit the jackpot the more you want to keep trying to justify everything you've put into the game up to that point...and believe me the rates and price to return value on some of the summons are completely unfair (for instance a multi summon takes 50 stones which are approximately $.50/apiece meaning the summon actually costs $25 and if you don't get the card you're hoping for or even an SSR level card with that summon than you just wasted $25). That's the danger of this game, and the only thing you have to be aware of when playing. As long as you can keep those "gambling" instincts in check than you will find hours of enjoyment here.
  • Great collector items

    By jerkanamic
    This game is an alright game over all. It will be to the point where you will have to pay but that should not be an issue with f2p games. The issue where it stands is greed. Sure you can have some super rare card but the reality is that super rare card might not get you through the events you want to go through. They are just that weak. And there are tons of these rare cards that don’t do a whole lot. Dragon stones are very rare to come by. You will get 2 Everyday from login bonuses and challenges and if you just started out then you will have to work for those. Which then you can only get a total of about 150. Which enough for 3 multisummons and non guarantee you the card you want. Summons are a big problem in this game. Compared to other games this is by far the worse summoning system ever. This game is the only game by far that does not guarantee you a super rare card after you have spent a large amount of stones. And the one thing that’s gonna kill this game, is the developers of this game. They do not listen to our complaints. If you think something has to be done with this game good luck trying to tell the devs that. If you think the rates on the summons are wwwaaaay to low then gg you are out of luck. If you think global is getting the shaft well they don’t care. So I just stop playing the game over all. Can’t wait until dB legends to come out.
  • Different Game Options?

    By Runner Girl 262
    So. This game has got to be a crowd pleaser for Dragon Ball fans, but it has limited options for gameplay. Like for instance, I have just recently completed Story Mode, and was a little disappointed when there were only 26 Worlds. I want that to change... including heading to other planets instead of just heading back and forth across the same areas. Also, there should be a Dragon Stone Reward for completing all the challenges in Korin’s Easy, Kami’s Hard, King Kai’s Z-Hard, Supreme Kai’s Super, and Trunks’ Specials. And, I have heard of events that happen on the JP version and not the Global, including exclusive Free to Play characters, Dragon Stone Rewards, and others. But I didn’t come here to just complain. I can easily say, without a doubt, that this is the best game I have ever played on my iPhone. I love the story line, characters, and even the gameplay itself! I have a question. Why are the sound effects FROM the Dragon Ball Series, but at a higher pitch? And can you add the sound that is made when an energy blast is fired/flies across the screen? Thank you very much, and I look forward to seeing where this game goes in the future.
  • Abusively expensive

    By TeflonWS
    The game is fun, the graphics are very nice and the gameplay addictive. There is a lot of grinding involved to get your characters to evolve but seeing all the anime characters is a pleasure and the combination of character types and associations to beat the various challenges is very interesting. However, you quickly realize that you can’t go very far without pouring a lot of money into this game and drawing good card is so random that it is really aggravating. On the last banner for Jamemba, the drop rate is less than 1% and out of 75+ characters drawn, I got one half interesting SSR character. On the previous banner, I spent the equivalent of an iPhone X and didn’t get any new card and only a couple SSR ones. This games uses all the tricks to get the player addicted and then abuse him/her into spending more cash in there. Parents should be aware before letting their youngsters play this game. The game has also several flaws such as heavy loading time between each screens (even if you want to go back to the previous one!) or totally unpredictable super attacks that would one shot your team (only way to totally prevent that is spending tons of items which are of course in a limited quantity). And finally, the quality of each update is poor with several unplanned maintenance every time a patch is released.
  • Drop rates, event rewards, freezing.

    By Achambe5
    Dokkan battle is a great game, I enjoy playing it and I will continue to do so in the future. There are a few improvements to the game I would like to see in the future as well, most important of them all being the drop rates. I’ve put $100 into the game and I’ve gotten a pretty good setup as far as team members go. But it seems as if now that I’m not spending any money all the summons want to give me is normal and rare, never SSR’s. It’s aggravating, and I hate to label this as a pay to win but it’s starting to become that way to me. Second, the event rewards, if I’m going to be grinding the same events on SUPER2 difficulty. I would expect to get way more medals that pushing crap out on z-hard. Lastly, the game continues to freeze when I try to go to the bonus events. I’m not sure if this is a glitch within the game or my phone but I would like it to be looked at sometime in the near future because I can’t activate the hidden potential bonus mission. Overall, this a great game that has come a long way since releasing, hopefully the developers read this and apply it so it may continue to improve everybody’s experience.
  • It’s a cash grab

    By Champ.C.V.U
    They literally squeeze every penny from the players , on thanksgiving the player base expected a nice banner and nice rates and even nice sales but BOIII where we wrong. We got shafted on the sales first to get us nice a ready, then we got servers with the capacity of child's attention span and then the banners....man those banners where the worst. They made the JPN version banner amazing and that’s what we where expecting but nope we got shafted as GBL does many times. This game is a cash grab and they use low rates to make you wanna chase a character, I spent $100 in stones and didn’t pull neither Int or Str gogeta and nor any other card but a golden frezia , and the other banner I only got cooler which I’m happy about but that’s it like come on 310 stones and nothing I wanted, I know it’s a game of chance but putting money into the game I should get one thing I want. This game is like gambling and sometimes I feel like it needs to be investigated, I’ve spent $700+ on two accounts(one got banned) but I swear my money was not worth it I never got what I want when I chase a character. This game makes millions and they still feel like bending the player base over and shafting us as if we don’t care like for real this was my last straw. Not a day goes by where u wish I didn’t spend on stones because it’s not worth it.
  • If you are a fan of the series you’ll love this game

    By Gamer God 69
    I know everyone says the issue with this game it the pay to play and I fully agree with that but there are plenty of free stone they give to us so that can’t be as huge of an issue as people are making it seem. Now that that is done with the game is amazing so much fun trying to pull and collect your favorite series. The actual gameplay requires strategy and hard thinking about what your next move will be. The orb system is so much fun to use, and it is a little pay to play but if you can get lucky and beyond that it is a very cool system they put into the game. I will admit I have bought stones before and gotten bad pulls but it isn’t that hard to pull the cards that you hunt for it you put a dollar or two into the game every now and again. If people can get past the stones and other things like that then true fans of any of the series would love this game young or old new fans or previous fans will have a blast playing, I know I have and I will forever.
  • Intense

    By Sundaye Sunday
    Love this game! The character card art is impressive. The gameplay is fun and interactive. I think you should be able to search by link skill because there are so many characters and so many skills. I am new to the series and game and love both but it’s a learning experience at the same time. Also, add a 4x speed for battles. Keep up the good work! Great game that doesn’t force you to spend your paycheck to play and advance!! Thank you! Also, when you have to spend stones to summon character cards. The N and R character types should be omitted. They should be relegated to the friend summons. It should take less awakening medals to awaken the characters. 70, 77 etc is a lot especially when you have to wait to get them and you don’t always get them during game play and your STA gets eaten up really quickly trying to obtain the crazy number of medals needed. I can’t play certain challenges because my guys are not strong enough and I can’t get them leveled up. I’ve been playing for almost three months and I only have one LR character and he was hard to level up!
  • Amazing, Addictive, Yet Sometimes Unfair

    By CookieMONSTER6374538
    Amazing game, it’s addictive, fun and just an overall good experience, even better with friends who play it! Yet, for some reasons I cannot give this game five stars. 1. Unfair draw rates. I have spent a lot of money on this game, and there are only some instances where I regret it. One being the recent LR Goku Black summon. I spent a lot of time grinding and spent a lot of money, equaling definitely more than 300 dragon stones. But, because of the draw rates I didn’t get the LR or even anything decent. It’s just aggravating. 2. JP. I’m not too terrible about this like some people but it still annoyed me. If you are unaware then just know this, from my understanding there was a rigged JP summon. And as compensation for RIGGING THE SUMMONS FOR THE PLAYERS their “compensation” is a heinous amount of dragon stones. That’s what I’ve interpreted from the angry 15 year old on forums and chats. Other than those things, that’s it! My final verdict is there are some thing that may be unfair and just stupid but I still love the game and anime. The good outways the bad pretty well, making this game worth 4 stars in my book.
  • Bandai, Akatsuki inc, Akirya Toriyama

    By o.alici3ns
    Bandai, you outdid yourself.. The developers Akatsuki inc.. nice. But give us a little break. You’ve made thousands on this game. Give us a better summoning rate. Maybe a break..like more quests, something. It’s spend to win at this point and as a fan of Bandai since childhood I thought you all were so pure at heart. Is it really only about money when you all have this much?.. it’s all so nastily rigged with summonings.. just let us have fun for once. Speaking for all the creators.. don’t you like seeing your fans happy? All this raging? In my opinion it is one of the best dragon ball games. No butts to it, I just wish I could play and earn more. Like on the original games. If it weren’t for Akirya Toriyama, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am right now for making my childhood coming true, but I really wish you all would reach out to your fans and realize that even if we got what we wanted, we would still play these games, Bandai. It isn’t always about winning, I’m just about having fun. Hopefully this catches someone’s eye..
  • It’s an all around great Dragon Ball game

    By The Flippant Cucumber
    I’ve been playing this game for around a year and a half now and I have loved playing it. The wide range of characters is exciting and the gameplay is flashy. I also enjoy that the game branches out to Dragon Ball Fusions and Heroes to make new and unique cards from those series. I personally really enjoy the summoning aspect of it as well. It’s unlike any other Dragon Ball game as it steers away from the generic arena fighting game and more towards a puzzle game or a card collection game. I’ve always hated the people who complained about the game being “pay to play”. You don’t need to buy stones to get good cards, it’s all about luck. It’s only pay to play if you make it that way. While yes, it can usually take around 4 or 5 days to just get 5 stones (via login stones), there have been certain periods of time where they spoiled the player with stones as well. As a company they have to make money too and with the game being free you have to respect that the only way they can do that is through the player.
  • Awesome Game and Concept

    By RuthlessKing
    This game is addictive. Very Basic how you battle but makes you be strategic with the team you assemble. I like that they have characters from Original Series and GT Series. Tons of fighters to choose from and they keep adding fighters as the DB Super Series goes on. I know people can’t wait for Jiren to show in the mix. You don’t have to spend money to get good fighters you just have to grind the story missions and events. Best advice from me is always Multi-Summon. Now I just go into this game but I made great progress and leveled up pretty fast and I have great fighters. Fighting gets repetitive but as you get to the higher difficulties it makes you have to start investing into building a solid 6 fighters to beat the Super Difficulty Level but it’s rewarding after you win the battle. Hidden Potential mode is awesome for making your fighter turn into God Mode. The Shenron wishes could be a lot better but that’s something they may fix later. Other than that This Game Is Extremely Good To Play If Your A Dragon Ball Fan.
  • About the new Update

    By Flames_17
    Well I’ve been playing Dokkan for about 2 months, and I’ve loved it so far so therefore, I necessarily didn’t need to review the game since it was already good, but a problem occurred and I cannot let you developers ignore this as to many players (not all), probably experienced this. I updated Dokkan at it asked me to, I waited patiently, and it finally updated right. So I go on Dokkan, waiting for what’s new to come, or what improvements you guys have made, but I come back to the game kicking me out from the loading screen. Every time I tried opening the game, it would not let me pass Goku saying,” Dokkan Battle.” And then it kicks me out the game. Because of this, the only option I had left was to uninstall the game and reinstall it back, which it was a shame because I was so frustrated that the only option was to uninstall and reinstall. I lost my 55 day consecutive rewards because of this :( Please fix this because probably other people have experienced this too or are experiencing this right now. Thank you.
  • Used to love this game but greedy developers are ruining it

    By Eiagvekahb
    Ok, this game is pretty fun for DBZ fans, has some amazing art, cool gameplay, and addicting ways to get new cards. To get new characters theres “summons.” for 50 dragon stones(in game currency) you have the chance to get 10 characters from a pool of characters in the summonable banner, but it can also include crap characters. Normally on special events, players get discounted summons, for example, first multi-summon 10 ds, next, 20ds, then 40, then a free summon. They've done this before, but this time they really screwed over the player-base. On the same summonable banners they've had in the past for the same amount, we were given 5 characters for the first two, then 10 for the 40ds summon, then 10 for the free one. This time, they gave us 3, 5, 5, 10. This isn't so bad, but on a banner where the game is thanking its players, it'd be nice to guaranteed a good ranking card or better, rather than getting all crap cards from the summons. Bandai needs to figure out its players base and start rewarding players for playing. This is the first time i will not be purchasing dragon stones during the stone sales until they fix this, very frustrating and obvious screwing over of players.
  • Update Issue

    By JManta52
    My experience with this game has been phenomenal. I am completely addicted. I only have one problem. The only issue I have is a big one though. When the game needs to be updated I tap the screen when I attempt to log in as normal. It then tells me that the game needs to be updated from the App Store. I hit ok and it takes me to the App Store. When I get there the icon doesn’t say UPDATE, but instead says OPEN as if I’ve already updated the game. I hit open and it takes me back to the game but the game is no longer interactive. I’ve tried turning off my phone and freeing up memory space but to no avail. I’ve also tried closing all other apps when I attempt to update the game but still nothing. My other games and apps update and download just fine so with all of the things I’ve tried I’m come to the conclusion that the problem isn’t my phone. It has to be the game itself. I would appreciate any feedback and/or solutions to the issue.
  • Very good game I’ve never seen anything like it

    By DS Alfredo
    This game is very good! It’s got a collection system which is pretty much gambling your stones which makes it pretty cool. And the fact that you can evolve, or”Dokkan Awaken” them is so cool! It also makes it really fun to see your characters get stronger, and also I’ve already beat the hard events like TEQ Ssj3 Goku on SUPER2, and all that. I see a lot of people complaining they’ve wasted money on this game... just stop complaining about it. 1.No one cares how unlucky you are, 2. You can be really OP being a F2P player. Ask me I’ve never spent a dime on this game and I’m rank 228 with dokkaned UI Goku, Dokkaned INT Gogeta, Dokkaned SSJ4 Gogeta, Dokkaned SSJ4 Vegeta, Dokkaned AGL Rosè, And LR Goku Black. So quit complaining if you lose money it’s not the games fault. And if you do complain, get a life. And become a F2P it’s not that hard, just use your micro brain if it works. Which it probably doesn’t beings how your complaining about being unlucky and calling it the games fault.
  • Of course Bandai has to run this stupid s&$!

    I spent my entire life trying to get some good units as to grinding the game. Now I wished I were to have gone back in time and never play this game at all. The summon rates are terrible, as Bandai would completely nerf over everything from it compared to the Japanese version. At least I felt more accomplished on getting my stones on the Japanese one, because you actually feel properly rewarded for working so hard for stones. But for Bandai it’s nothing but a cash grab, a greedy gambling machine only meant for your money as like you’re playing a rigged carnival game. If there’s nothing else to make me more angry, then this game does a great job right at it. Global summons are garbage with their summon rates, making it only fair to those who pay money to get what they want. This game is definitely pay to play, and for those who value their sanity, I don’t recommend playing this game like EVER. Because of course something would go wrong when Bandai gets involved on a creation of a game. It’s nothing but a big waste of time, and that time should be spent anywhere else but in this game. Thanks for giving me a better reason to hang myself, Bandai. 🖕🏻
  • Huge Disappointment!!!!!! Pay to play set up

    By Lethal Ice
    I’ve played dokkan battle from the start and I’ve supported them as well and they have done nothing but let me down and take my money. I don’t play this anymore. It’s become a pay to play set up. There is literally nothing you can do unless you pay for dragon stones. The summons are a complete waste of dragon stones when all they do is give you the same low level weak characters so you can go spend more money on dragons stones hoping and wishing to get a strong SSR. The difficulty has been ridiculously spiked so you can purposely get a game over and spend dragons stones to continue playing. It’s all a set up to waste dragon stones and what happens when you waste dragon stones? You have to pay to get more. What happens if you don’t pay to get more dragon stones? You can’t play! Ridiculous! Yugioh duel links is way better. More substance, better events, better rewards, great competitive play, way more fun, more satisfying in app sales, just all around better than dokkan battle. Everyone should go play duel links and stop wasting your time and money on dokkan battle. DOKKAN BATTLE NEEDS MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS!
  • P2P

    By FLeyva (IGN)
    As the title suggests, mid-late game requires immense Free-2-Play luck or some cash investment; however, even with cash investments, there’s no guarantee. This is a prime example of subtle gambling (not so much as subtle for adults, but for children) where the player buys a few stones, tries to pull for the character they want, but didn’t get them, so they’ll think, “Why not a few more stones? I really like this character.” Only to later amp up the cycle by making those characters fodder, then later “re-selling” them with new stats to make it relevant again. I have personally invested more than I would like to admit, and am more than unsatisfied with the rates. 10% chance to pull something decent, and that is when Bandai feels good. Otherwise the rates are even lower, especially for good cards. I just spent 1000 stones, I got a whooping 6 SSRs on the Gogeta banner, none which are the new meta. There’s little justification to why the rates are this bad, but I’m stepping away from all Bandai games, which includes One Piece Treasure Cruise, Sword Art Online, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan and Naruto Ninja Blazing. You’re much better playing competitor’s games as they are more F2P friendly.
  • Stop saying pay to win

    By LG_OP
    I’ve been playing this game for about 6 months. I’ve gotten a great team setup with all URs. I mainly use a INT team. But if you think Dokkan is pay to win your wrong. Dokkan always has festivals which give out tons of dragon stones. Like the 3 year anniversary. 140+ free dragon stones for logging in. The summons/banners only cost 30 each right now until you do 3 of them which gives you a free summon. Then it goes back to normal. In the banner you have a chance to get an LR if you are lucky enough. However if you don’t don’t worry you still get a guaranteed SSR. Now let’s about grinding. Per stage you only get 1 dragon stone well that’s not it. You can complete missions and such which give you more dragon stones. If you want to make a good team you gotta just find an ok leader skill and your set for adventure. Anyway this is the end of my argument. I hope you have learnt something!
  • This game is Fan Beneficial

    By Goheezy YT
    The reason the game is fan based is because the initiative usually comes to down to what would be beneficial for the global version as it is the brother of JP and we usually get the new meta around the same time pushing back old metas but still helping accounts by always giving stones and items used to summon as just now they gave 77 stones and 33 tickets it takes 30 stones to multi summon (10 characters) currently due to discount usually 50 but the tickets it is 5 tickets to multi summon and the rates to get a SSR or the higher tier cards is usually 10-12% when the game first came up good rates were 3% and they also Guaranteed SSR every multi now so you always win whether free to play or pay to play the game can be won free to play but if you pay they usually have discounts to help out to do it is an amazing DB trilogy game as it include Dragon ball, dragon ball z, and Dragon ball GT
  • Fun and different.

    By HiItzNathan
    First things first, it’s a gacha game. For those who don’t know what a gacha game is, think of it like trading cards except you can’t trade the cards you get. The main aspect of the game revolves around using the characters you “summon” from banners. Some are good and some aren’t. The gameplay is fun and unique using orbs to build up ki instead of button mashing like other action games. You don’t have to spend money on the game to summon because the story hands out a ton of dragon stones, this games currency which allows you to summon. You get about 3 per mission and there’s a lot of missions, so considering the fact that it costs 5 to do a single summon and 50 to do a multi-summon, or get ten cards in a row, it’s pretty good. Not to mention the login bonuses can be pretty generous. All in all I say try the game out and as long as you don’t spend money on it as soon as you get it you won’t really lose anything by just trying it.
  • Fun but dangerous

    By Kngjok3r
    The game is wonderful with events continually coming out every so often, you have the story arc, event story arcs, special missions to gain free fighters by completing missions and of course he featured banner which this you have to use dragon stones. The game is extremely fun with you wanting to power up and awaken your cards making them more powerful, this is what gets people to want to purchase stones from the shop in order to gamble at a summoning banner, to get a specific card which is not 100% you will get. Over all it’s an RNG with hours of stuff to do as long as you have enough stamina which recharges at 1 stamina per 5 mins. Meaning 12 stamina every hour. normal quest can cost 6-13 stamina depending on the level. And 50 for the max difficulty in Super events. Luckily with each level your stamina recharges back to full.