CSR Racing 2

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By NaturalMotion

  • Category: Games
  • Release date: 2018-07-02
  • Current version: 1.20.1
  • Adult Ranking: 4+
  • File size: 2.34 GB
  • Developer: NaturalMotion
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. or Android KitKat 4.4, Lollipop 5.0, Marshmallow 6.0, Nougat 7.0, Oreo 8.0, Android P 9.0 or later

CSR Racing 2 for Pc Screenshots

How to download, install and play CSR Racing 2 on your PC and Mac

If you want to install and play the CSR Racing 2 game on your PC or Mac, you will need to download and install a Desktop App emulator for your computer. We have worked diligently to help you understand how to use CSR Racing 2 for your computer in 4 simple steps below:

Step 1: Download an Android emulator for PC and Mac

Ok. First things first. If you want to use the application on your computer, first visit the Mac store or Windows AppStore and search for either the Bluestacks app or the Nox App . Most of the tutorials on the web recommends the Bluestacks app and I might be tempted to recommend it too, because you are more likely to easily find solutions online if you have trouble using the Bluestacks application on your computer. You can download the Bluestacks Pc or Mac software here

Step 2: Install the emulator on your PC or Mac

Now that you have downloaded the emulator of your choice, go to the Downloads folder on your computer to locate the emulator or Bluestacks application.
Once you have found it, click it to install the application or exe on your PC or Mac computer.
Now click Next to accept the license agreement.
Follow the on screen directives in order to install the application properly.
If you do the above correctly, the Emulator app will be successfully installed.

Step 3: CSR Racing 2 game for PC - Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

Now, open the Emulator application you have installed and look for its search bar. Once you found it, type CSR Racing 2 in the search bar and press Search. Click on CSR Racing 2 game icon. A window of CSR Racing 2 on the Play Store or the app store will open and it will display the Store in your emulator application. Now, press the Install button and like on an iPhone or Android device, your Game will start downloading. Now we are all done.
You will see an icon called "All Apps".
Click on it and it will take you to a page containing all your installed Games.
You should see the CSR Racing 2 icon. Click on it and start playing the Game

Step 4: CSR Racing 2 for Mac OS

Hi. Mac Gamer!
The steps to use CSR Racing 2 for Mac are exactly like the ones for Windows OS above. All you need to do is install the Nox Application Emulator or Bluestack on your Macintosh. You can get bluestacks here .

Download Andriod, Iphone

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Download APK
Thank you for reading this tutorial. Have a nice day!

CSR Racing 2: Descriptions and Gameplay

CSR Racing 2 – The next chapter to the #1 drag racing franchise of all time has arrived. “Unbelievably good looking”, KOTAKU “So real it hurts”, CULT OF MAC “Obliterates the line between console and mobile graphics”, POLYGON “CSR Racing 2 is visually stunning” – Gamezebo “CSR Racing 2 looks absolutely gorgeous” – Eurogamer Setting a new standard in visuals, CSR2 delivers hyper-real drag racing to the palm of your hand. Compete against live players across the world with your custom built supercars, including LaFerrari, McLaren P1™, Koenigsegg One:1 and many more. Team up with friends to form a crew, tune your rides for maximum speed and dominate the competition in global crew events. CSR2 is all-new; download for free and start racing now! NEXT-GEN GRAPHICS CSR2 redefines what you thought possible on your mobile device. Using outstanding 3D rendering techniques, CSR2 features the most beautiful and authentic supercars to date. Now you can get inside every car to reveal its meticulously detailed interior, including original manufacturers’ trim options. Racing games do not get any more real than this. REAL-TIME RACING Compete against opponents from around the world or race against your friends in real-time challenges. CONFIGURE AND CUSTOMIZE Customize your car with a wide range of paint, rims, brake calipers and interior trims, just as you would in real life with a world-class car configurator. Choose from paint wraps, decals and custom license plates to personalize your ride. UPGRADE, TUNE AND FUSE Car upgrades are only the start. You can now get under the hood to tune gear ratios, tire pressure, nitrous boost settings and much more. And when the competition gets ruthless, make sure you strip surplus cars for parts, and fuse them into your favorite vehicles. BUILD YOUR DREAM GARAGE Collect the supercars of your dreams and show them off in your huge warehouse garage – CSR2 features over 200 officially licensed vehicles from the world’s most desirable car manufacturers including Ferrari, McLaren, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Pagani and Koenigsegg. PLAY WITH FRIENDS – AND MAKE FRIENDS Team up with your friends; plus join in with live chat, multiplayer races, online crews, exciting new online events and competitive seasonal rankings. DOMINATE THE CITY Compete in single-player Crew Battles across stunning race environments and work your way from rookie to pro by defeating the top crews in a city where nothing is as it seems. Can you uncover the truth? Remember to keep an eye out for events to earn extra cash for upgrades and win rare parts for your rides. New events added daily! --------------------- Requires iOS 9 or later. ADDITIONAL DISCLOSURES • For specific information about how Zynga collects and uses personal or other data, please read our privacy policy at http://www.zynga.com/privacy/policy. • This game does permit a user to connect to social networks, such as Facebook, and as such players may come into contact with other people when playing this game. Social Networking Service terms may also apply. • The game is free to play, however in-app purchases are available for additional content and premium currency. In-app purchases range from $0.99 to $99.99. • You will be given the opportunity to participate in special offers, events, and programs from Zynga Inc. and its partners. Use of this application is governed by the Zynga Terms of Service, found at https://www.zynga.com/legal/terms-of-service. Collection and use of personal data are subject to Zynga’s Privacy Policy, found at http://www.zynga.com/privacy/policy.

Game Reviews

  • Just saying...

    By Nythauk
    A game that begins you at the level of a kid with their very 1st car, light-to-light and revving so right! Race after race you spend all your winnings on new parts to get your, admittedly, still not top dog ride into the spotlight position. Gold is the one place that should be worked on to better improve a player's experience as it now allows a well backed player to upgrade a ride all the way without a single race being run. A player such as I must race cars not so well established. Little hope exists for full victory & so it's a far different, and more understandably realistic, struggle to gain levels, parts or special "epic" parts. Realism is a way to measure any of life's experiences. From squealing tires to the throaty roar of perfectly tuned engine & fully upgraded exhaust, all done by yourself from purchase to installing to racing against the richest and thereby fastest opponents. A lot of fun and rarely frustrating, this is a game well worth investing $$$ to buy parts, but I've drawn the line at buying cars for hard-earned real dollars. That is just a rip-off, intended to work more money into an already greedy system capitalizing on our own need to win at, literally, any cost. Still 5 stars as spending real dollars is a choice rather than a forced demand. In-game money from races won can get you all the parts required to win those races - and many others. 5 stars and a thank you for reading my take on CSR2!
  • Very fun game 👍🏻

    By EricDaLoyal
    So this game is a realistic game and all but,plz bring more updates more daily not like every day updates but like weekly updates and make the engine noises real life car engine noises because some cars sound the same as others in this game also make another live race where if you complete 30 live races you get at least 10 gold keys,just saying also add the bugatti vision grand turismo and add the Lamborghini Veneno because that is a very cool car and because it was in csr 1 so why not add it in csr 2 and make and like it says in the title this game is very fun also add more daily battle races also add the Konisegg Agera R and the Konisegg CCX and for the and another idea to add is to add free rome in this game also add a thing where you can make your own rims spoilers in the customize tab also add another jaguar like the XJ220 and add the lotus 2-eleven also add tier 6 which will have all hyper cars in the game and the super cars in t5 and t6 upgrades should start from the price 50,000 dollars and for the stage 5 upgrade should be between 350,000 dollars and 400,000 dollars and plz oh plz add them mclaren f1 it is the most coolest car i have saw so far and add a first person camera while your racing so you can see and somewhat feel how it’s like driving 200mph in a bugatti chiron so yea hope you are reading this and plz add what i mentioned in this review🙂.
  • The Bugs are Going to Kill Off This Game

    By cheesehead105
    Maybe I should rate this game higher. After all, I’ve spent probably an average of 3 or more hours a day playing over the last 5 months. I’m in a Top 200 crew. I’ve accumulated 70 different cars. I’ve spent a lot of time and a little bit of money enjoying this game. And I still love playing... ...at least I did until recently, when chronic bugs and fix fails started driving me insane. Live racing is the heart of the game. But the live racing platform is so unstable and full of bugs that it’s become impossible to race more than a few races before you’ll start running into voided races due to nonexistent connection issues, or getting kicked out of live racing due to losing connection to the servers. If you complain to Support, you will get a message saying they are working on the problem and your patience is appreciated. If you complain again, you’ll get basically the same message. Etc., etc. Finally, the developers seem to be more interested in creating new kinds of cars than in providing a solid racing experience. I really wish this game performed well. If it did, I would never get tired of it. But they don’t make money when you’re just racing. They make money by selling you cars and the means to get and upgrade them. So live racing suffers. These are just my impressions & opinions. I’d be happy if I were wrong. But as it stands, I don’t think I’ll play much longer. And there are many others who are feeling the same way.
  • Absolutely great game but crap servers

    By bugatti9989
    Please for the love of god invest in your servers. Players have to set aside 30 minutes just to be able to play online live races against just one person before having to wait another 30 minutes to find someone with a decent enough connection to play against. Servers take forever to load online game play. Aside from that the game is great on all fronts. Graphics are great. New events one after another to keep you interested. No need to pay to win like most games as the makers are very generous with weekly events and daily prizes and challenges that can rank you up fast and earn everything you need without paying anything at all. If your a smart player and enjoy racing you will love this game. Use your gold wisely and be patient no need to spend on speeding updates. Best use for gold is to get more gas to race or save up to buy a car. Invest cash on tires nitrous and transmission first to tune your car. And take on as many daily challenges as possible. That will get you everything you need to win. Free crates are your friends and daily battles will get you free silver keys that give you event cars. If you play the events you can top out that car. As for online play. Good luck getting more than two matches in an hour. The servers are the biggest set back to the game.
  • Spent $4000 genuine review

    By Pickymovier
    *I recommend this game to everyone but don't spend too much money because... First of all I know it's kinda like gambling to pull cars from crates. I'm a car guy and I really wanted some of those 5*cars from the crates. So I spent over $4000, pulled my dream car Chiron, One:1, P1 etc. I was really lucky to be honest because a lotta ppl don't get these cars if they spend the same $$. I also spent several hundred buying those Fast&Furious cars plus upgrading them. Btw upgrading is a lot more expensive. I enjoyed the game as long as I can and joined a top 50 clan which has a 700K RP requirement and gets me the season car every time. However, when I played long enough, I guess I started playing during the summer, I get less and less joy from playing the game. One reason is that I'm back to college and become quit busy, another reason is that I find Xbox/PC games like forza7, project cars more fun and less repetitive. CSR2 is a great game yet on my level of spending its become really not that fun anymore because there is nothing more I desire in this game. I have all the cars I want,also the fastest 7.2 sec Plymouth. So I don't recommend you to spend too much money on this game, just progress slowly, or spend a bit of money, don't pull gold crates. I hope you all have fun!
  • I love this game

    By Chris Sosa Chase
    This game is highly addicting. The story line is great as well as the cup races. The live races are awesome. That’s where it gets addicting because after 15 wins you get silver keys which if you get to 50 you can get a star leveled car. And you never know what you will get. I have 15 cars (I bought silver keys) lol. The upgrading and tuning is an awesome plus. My suggestion to newcomers. Get in a crew. You get a boat load of bonuses and prizes. I’d like to see a section where you can trade or sell vehicles to other players instead of just selling a $450,000 car for like 2k that’s just a waste! I really look forward to future updates and hopefully take my idea into play. Also there’s gotta be an easier way to earn golden keys instead of buying them? Maybe make a race section for that ? I don’t know. But other wise it’s a great game. Totally recommend downloading! Update; I’ve been having trouble connecting to live races. It says it’s unable to connect to network. I’m not the only player experiencing this problem a couple of my friends and my step dad have experienced this also. Please fix ASAP !! Update 2; Since new update my game is very laggy and also when revving and I take off and my rpms go all the way down making me lose a tremendous amount of speed
  • FIX RNG!!!

    By Cartoonz & Cereal
    First and foremost, this game is awesome. The graphics, the cars and the competitiveness, all amazing. The majority of my phones usage goes towards CSR. If you see me all in my phone, I'm probably playing CSR, but that's gonna have to end very soon. Between the crates giving the same cars (A45 - WRX) or just T1 cars, strip downs rewarding the same parts (it took 11 Fiat 500's to get 1 uncommon body fusion...I need 3 more body fusions) , Jess needing a mute button, and the constant live race crashes, I'm not sure which pushed me to this point. I don't write reviews but I really loved this game. I had no problem giving it my time and my money (which took time to get), but I feel like it's a waste now. I can't enjoy this game anymore. I'd grind hours on this game because it was fun and I felt like I was making progress. However, I feel like that's why I get the same stuff now, because you want me to keep grinding, get annoyed, and pay. But for most of us, the opposite happens. Why would I pay for cars that I can buy with provided in game currency (credit/gold)? Are ALL the normal cars really in the silver/gold crates? Why would I buy bronze keys to get parts by the same 5 manufacturers or 12k credit which I could get myself in less than 10 seconds? Why won't Jess shut up? I've been playing long enough to not need her in my face about fusion parts and upgrades. Where is RNG really R? Where are the decent crate drops? Where is the love?
  • Csr2 good or bad?

    By BarbedBubble
    I’ve been playing this game a few years now, I wish I could rate it higher. It was awesome when it first started. I’ve spent a good deal of money in the micro transaction over the course of my time playing. It’s the same as every other successful game on the market. They make it to where you need to pay to stay competitive. I understand why it is this way, the thing I don’t understand is the lack of customer support. I had purchased the 70th anniversary Ferrari pack for a whopping $50 usd. Only to have the 70th anniversary la Ferrari disappear from my garage. This isn’t the first time a car that I have won, and raced with, has disappeared from my garage. The support service is of no help. I got the same response when I had the lb Nissan GT-R full upgraded. “I don’t see it in your profile” and that’s it no follow up, no apology, nothing. They even blamed me for it. I’ve been a loyal paying customer and this is what I get. I am not happy with the support staff, and also the glitches in the game. The servers for live races work half the time, can hardly connect to the live races. Now I will continue to play in hopes of this being corrected. But I believe my efforts will be fruitless. I’m done spending my hard earned money in this game. I hope whomever is reading this doesn’t spend any money either. I game is graphically beautiful and plays well, when it works.
  • Suggestions

    By Brutal rattle
    So this game is really fun. I don’t know why, but I think this game is much less repetitive than the other 2 CSR games. I haven’t spent a single penny on this game and I already have like 5 tier 5 cars, so you don’t have to “pay to win”. *spoilers* So after you beat tier 5, you unlock the tempe5t and it is a good idea. One problem though, you need a lot of fusion parts and stage 6 upgrades to beat the giant. I do think this is good, but give us a way to get fusion parts more easily than Donna banks. I mean, RNG decides if you get a stage 6 upgrade for that one car or if you get 3 fusion parts for a company that you don’t even have one of their cars. I think that the crew you join should be able to donate to you fusion parts ONLY and vice-versa. Maybe make it so you can request fusion parts for a specific company every so hours? And you can only request either a few green ones or only like one blue one. Make it kind of like Clash Royale so that crews are more useful. Also, if you donate fusion parts, you should get a reward. Who sells the fusion parts? No one. Why? Because it barely gives you money. So maybe give them more money than usual if they donate. Other than that this game is fun and deserves five stars.
  • Love it but there’s a problem

    By Kendrums21
    This game is amazing...graphics, realistic cars, fun gameplay, a story to the game I love everything about this game... except for one thing. The Live Races, I don’t get what happens when I do live races, I bring out one of my tier 1 cars to do a quest, go into a race, I start off absolutely dominating my opponent by a landslide, then all of a sudden way from the back of the track whoever I’m up against blazes past me at the VERY LAST second as if the person is using a Tier 10 car (I know that’s not a thing) but goes at the speed as if it was a tier 10 car. But then sometimes I unintentionally do the same to my opponents, they start off destroying me then right as we’re about to cross the finish line BOOM I blaze past my opponent in seconds and I just play it normally, I shift, boost and launch that’s it. I don’t understand this at all and it is insanely annoying when I can’t even win a single live race other than when I do that to my opponent unintentionally, (all my cars are fully upgraded and tuned before I do live races also). I don’t know if this is just something in the game or a bug or a glitch or whatever but if it’s in the game because developers put it in I guess I’ll have to live with it but if it’s a bug or glitch or hack...PLEEEAASE get that fixed🙏🙏🙏🙏
  • Absolute waste of time and storage space

    By Rupert Fallstein
    I, like others have had the same issue with purchasing the “Super Nitrous” and not getting what I paid for. Customer support is a joke with them. They took a whole week to respond with a pre-written message stating it’s not a guarantee that you will win, which is true and nowhere states that it will give you a win, just an advantage. But when the car has all upgrades except stage 6 body and almost all fusion parts installed, it should be safe to assume you will win the race, but no even with perfect start and all perfect shifts the car ran SLOWER than without Super Nitrous. I let that go after seeing Customer Service was going to do nothing about it. Don’t bother wasting money on keys because once you get the car you really want you will be broke and living in a cardboard box, and then they will just release another car that’s better so you have to buy more keys. Which let’s be honest you’re already broke and homeless from buying keys for the first car you wanted so now you’re going to have to collect cans to make money to buy the new car! Oh but wait! Now that you collected 10,000 cans and bought the new car, there’s a new one! Pretty soon you run out of cans to collect and resort to stealing copper to sell at scrap just to get that new car... But for real this game is a joke when it comes to customer support. They will do and say anything to resolve themselves of responsibility.
  • Only ONE Complaint!

    By J V L I V S
    Aside from the fact that CSR2 and its offshoots are pretty much off the grid as far as Facebook and device-to-device transfer has become obsolescent as of late, I STILL love this game, and plan to keep playing it until I end up getting a newer iPhone. I have had a history with these CSR games for the better part of five years, and I play them more than Asphalt 8! That’s how loyal I am to the game. But my one complaint about CSR2, is that I can’t upgrade to my Stage 6 parts, and on some Tiers, I’m at level 28 out of 31, or 32, and it’s getting very very frustrating. I’d just wish you guys would let us upgrade like we do CSR and CSR Classics. But I will admit the various locations and the sunshine, as well as the inclement weather scenes do give it a nice “pop” (in other words, brings more liveliness to the game), and I love the fact that unlike the other CSR games, you can open the doors, hood, and trunks to each and every car you own. I’m sorry to see that CSR will no longer go from my iPad to my iPod to my iPhone, but I’ve enjoyed playing these past five years. I’d just wish (no to keep harping on it), that you’d let us upgrade to our Stage 6 parts. Other than that, I love this game!
  • The game

    By Arugvtfhgfgy
    I love the graphics and concept of the game but its unfortunate it’s overtaken by issues. I spend so much time complaining to support only to be told over and over to have patients. I feel we should be compensated for problems in order to keep us interested in playing the game. I have went from top teams status just to a milestone crew cause it’s not worth giving the effort I use to. Hackers have taken over the top crews and to see this is not an over statement. Also, Buying into the events now is not worth it either. I spent so much money on the f&f events only to continue to wait on parts for maxing them. Now stg6 parts for them are even offered freely anymore. We have to buy them. This rating doesn’t even include the issues from the game which only get worse with every update. As I stated my interest from the game is declining rapidly. It is obvious this game is a money maker for you but I will not spend another dime to play the game. I’m in the process of looking for another game to take CSR2 place. I will never play another game developed by zynga. So my rating for Csr2 is a 1 out of 10. So disappointed with the game issues, support, hackers, and being ripped off just to continue to play events. All negative marks here.
  • Was Great

    By Zio John DC
    Downgraded review: Live drag racing, excellent graphics, and the fact that you could play for free made this a terrific game when I first started mid 2017. Since then, however, the game has gone downhill, worsening with each update. At first, little things became broken like the ability to refuel for free by watching short video ads and winning parts for cars that don’t even use that type of part. Then it got worse. In December, Live racing had broken. Attempts to challenge other players resulted in nothing but a “connection error” message. After a week or so, some connections were successful but it was hit or miss. To this day connections are still a problem, only now instead of getting the error message, challenges simply time out. To make matters worse, they have altered the game making it more difficult to switch lobbies to look for bots or a new group of players. Bot challenges are unaffected by the connection problem so if you couldn’t connect to a real player at least you could still score some points. They also have limited bot availability. Before February, if you were in a lobby with less then 3 other players, bots would appear for easy points. Now you can find yourself alone in a lobby with nobody to challenge. The end result of all this? You can play for an hour now and only get 3 or 4 Live races if any at all. THIS ONCE 5 STAR GAME NO LONGER WORKS.
  • You ain’t played a game until you play this!

    By keithdotcom
    Amazingly addictive this game is. It’s so good you will put money into it. Everything is free so you don’t have to pay for anything. My wife is the one who turned me onto the game. You’re able to build your own team or just join a team to further your cause. The only con is: The developer is slow with fixes. For the folks that do use real money it’s a slap in the face. Right now everyone is dealing with a voided races and ads that don’t play which gives you free gas. It’s going on 2 weeks with and they are telling us it will be fixed with another update in one week. That’s just not acceptable but all we can do is just take it. It’s a pill nobody can swallow. Some people don’t get voided races and they are accelerating past us that don’t. I still give the game the best ranking I could because that’s how good the game is. You will find yourself in a competitive world against real people that will frustrate you, stress you and bring you joy. Try it, it’s free and what do you have to lose? Our world here is welcoming and competitive. They have a fast and furious episode that is just ridiculous good. :-)
  • Absolutely the Worst Game Ever👎👎👎

    By Music Tube user
    First I’d like to say that when you want to buy a car, you have 3 options, the rest you have to “win”. Other than that theres countless other b******t to this game like all these nice cars in their ads, but its just absolutely impossible or it will take weeks or even months to “win” the car you want and after you have FINALLY WON the car you want, there will be at MOST one stage 6 upgrade for it, and then fusion parts takes another century to get because the game gives irrelevant fusion parts rather than for the cars you already have. I’ve played this game for a whole year and waited and played the game waiting for some stage 6 upgrades for my Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and not one has come my way AFTER A YEAR and for the last challenge; Larry Brunel’s Challenge, I’ve put five Tier 5 cars in the challenge (all upgraded to max with some stage 6 upgrades and LOTS of fusion parts) and all of them are too slow for the challenge. This game was a waste of my time and is gonna be a waste of your time. I deleted the game and freed up 1.5+ GB on my iPhone. Goodbye CSR Racing, you will absolutely not be missed.
  • Micro-transaction killed the game's fun and stifle it's progression system.

    By Vqn84
    Csr2 at its core is a great drag racing game, with great graphics and sounds. The game play much like the original Csr2 with many new features to expand the game beyond its simple and fun gameplay. With a new storyline to give players and sense of connection to the world and characters in it, but this is still simply in the form of simple one or two lines before and after the race. What really killed the game for me was the constant pressure to buy in game currency just to progress any further, races get harder and harder like you would expect, and with one or 2 upgraded you were back to competitively race. But starting on the last 2 tiers the game requires you to have so many upgrades, of which gets more and more expensive, to point where it feels like you must spend real money to even be competitive. On top of that the number or races you participate in to win money is limited by a fuel meter that makes grinding a real chore. I understand that developer must make money, but not like this. Overall this a great game that's been hampered by the Micro-transactions system. 3/5 stars Also, seasonal events like the fast&furious pick are outrageously expensive $20 for a car and some booster parts.
  • Awesome Shopping Game!

    By Seattle Rex
    CSR2 is a really good shopping game, and were this not compelling enough, they threw in a bit of racing for the automobile enthusiast. So you say you like to race, kinda, but what you really love to do is shop, shop, shop till you drop, drop, drop? CSR2 has you covered! No longer does shopping feel like an afterthought! In CSR2, it’s the main activity! Now *this* is a game both you and your girlfriend can enjoy together! 20 seconds of racing interspersed with 20 minutes of shopping is what CSR2 is all about. Opportunities to spend money abound. When people ask you “what’s wrong with freemium?”, remember, the answer is: Not one thing! That it’s turned all of our racing games into shopping games, and de-facto second-jobs (uh-oh, car needs to go into the shop, time for an oil change, time to spend some money!) is an awesome thing! I was really wondering why I was having so much fun in my leisure time in the first place, instead of stressing over paying for things like I do in real life. Well, no I can wonder no more ... and so can you. CSR2 provides the financial stress of real life, and the endless need for buying things, in a convenient app, and since all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, you get quick snippets of racing as well that leave you wanting more ... so get to work!
  • Great game... but....👎

    By kman returns
    The in game support is trash. My crew chat hasn’t worked in over a month. After 3 messages to support(getting progressively nastier) and still no resolution or even hope of any fixes I doubt I’ll ever get my chat back. I SHOULDNT HAVE TO USE AN EXTERNAL CHAT SERVICE TO ENJOY THIS GAME TO ITS POTENTIAL. Fix my problem and earn your 5 star rating. Update: Still not fixed. Had to leave the crew I was in. New crew works better but the longer I play this game the more I see what’s happening...or rather not happening. In 3 months of playing I haven’t seen a single server maintenance. The crew I’m in have largely reported the same thing as my problems. Today is a constant disconnect and reconnect to servers. COME ON.... GET IT TOGETHER. THIS GAME COULD REALLY BE SOMETHING SPECIAL WITH JUST A BIT OF WORK. Review is going to stay horrible. They keep holding their hand out wanting large amounts of money to play all the extra events, all the while they ignore the same issues that hundreds of people are complaining about. Chat still won’t work. Still 2 months later and no crew chat. Unbelievable. 6 months. Still not fixed. This game is a money grab only. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. THEY PUSH OUT CONTENT TO SPEND REAL WORLD MONEY CONSTANTLY ALL WHILE NOT FIXING THE GAME OR EVEN MAKING SURE ALL PLAYERS GET THE BENEFITS OF EACH UPDATE. ABSOLUTE TRASH. DELETING. YOU FAIL NATURAL MOTION.
  • Amazing game concept in scam form

    By ScrewYouARJ
    This game has the perfect concept of a mobile racing game, but they make it far too obvious that it is focused solely on the purpose of making money. Every corner you take there a dollar sign in your face wanting you to purchase this and that. At the end of career races they want you to purchase “super nitro!” So you can beat the guy and get his car. I had to close out the app about 4 times and repeatedly hit no about 30-40 each time for it to finally register I don’t want it and it’s done this to everyone I know personally that has played it. The online lobbies are trash, you can’t even connect to anyone and if you do, everyone in that lobby is faster than you because you aren’t really racing online. It even says “at quiet times some races may be simulated”. It’s set up so you can’t win races and they think it’ll make you want to invest in one of their scams so you can put parts on your car (wait 3 days real time for them to install.... or you can purchase gold and spend that to install instantly.... come on...). You can’t buy cars with in money cash, 99% of them you have to win by races you can’t win, winning keys that you can buy with real money, to get random parts or cars. So the car you want doesn’t matter because you can’t get it.
  • Takes SOOOO MUCH SPACE, crap support,

    By rb88dhbrown
    Was a great game, but with each update it gets more n more glitches! Support is terribly slow at best n non exist at worst. Lost game n know dozens of others that lost LOTS of fused parts. Wasted plenty of real $ playing(stupid of me I know). Yet 2 days later n still haven't gotten account back n correct after providing all support asked for(ss n receipts, player id). Very frustrating. Without loan new super glitchy update I'd give 3.5-4 stars probably cuz it always has issues! That was mnths ago! Now it’s gotten so bad cuz they add content n more content before fixing all the DÀMÑ GLITCHES! Stop adding USELESS CRÀP TILL THE GAME CAN RUN FLAWLESSLY! Also as of this season half the crew can’t even collect the crew milestones cuz the first one shows 888,888,888 gold keys! Yeah right! Now they sucker ppl in cuz u HAVE TO BUY CRATES in order to upgrade cars u bought. Where I used to be able to play n enjoy the game investing $50(give or take) a mnth it’s gotta be bout weekly if not daily. Now of course I KNOW I don’t HAVE to spend but NM is doing their VERY WORST TO GET U TO SPEND $! Also why does it need to be 5+ gigs in size! For a 16 gig phone that’s just fûckîn stupid n unnecessary! So for now game is deleted n they won’t be seeing any $ from me! Maybe once I get iPhone X I’ll think about re-installing it. Doubtful tho
  • Uncompared Entertainment

    By [PhantomOfSeacrestCounty]
    This is one of THE best games I have played. It has a lot to offer. It is one of the most giving games out there. There is, however good this game is, a drawback. That is that sometimes ranking up and the achievements don’t work. When I rank up or achieve something, I sometimes don’t collect the prize, though it says I do. If that issue was fixed, this game would be perfect. I love the crate system, as it gives 3 things in a bronze crate, a 1 to 5 Star car at silver, and a 3 to 5 Star car at gold. This is the best game of its kind, GUARANTEED. Edit: 4 stars now because when I signed in for the bonus of 5 gold keys I noticed that the login bonuses reset. I have to wait another month for my first gold keys. I waited 1 month, a WHOLE MONTH, just to get my first gold keys and the bonuses reset? Really? Come on, you could do better. I just had 3 more days to go to get my first gold crate. Well, that’s another hope for a month successful enough that I get a gold crate. I feel robbed... But apart from that good game. Again, I never get the stuff I claim apart from the login bonus which will add up but I hope you fix this issue before it does.
  • Don’t gamble with your money

    By Slambo239
    Fun game. But I see the evidence of greed coming into the game now by the devs. The latest event requires you to spend money getting cars to compete in it...then..gamble with your money for parts that you will need to complete the event. And it’s quite possible you can keep spending and spending and never get the parts you need. Beware of the pay to maybe win events in this game. Your dollar spent is not a sure thing. They said in support that they fixed it but they lied. The event still has the same requirements and is still a ripoff. Don’t bother giving them any money as you will not get what you want. They got REAL cheap on us and took away goals we had to earn gold. That’s gone now. Less gold to be earned per day now by ALOT. That means you can’t race as much because you need gold for fuel if you want refilled right away. Well that’s gone now thanks to these cheap game devs. The game is a shadow of what it was...it’s ruined now. Don’t bother with it unless you want to spend a lot of money. It’s that bad now. Plus the live matching system is flawed to make you have to lose multiple races after winning only a few to get back to being matched with players you can even be remotely competitive with. Zynga also does not post odds for loot crates like they are supposed to do.
  • The Crew system needs a major rework, computer balancing, stage 6 parts

    By Tyler Musical Frazier
    I found the whole crew system to be enjoyable and very interesting. It’s nice to take on challenges to get your crew to the prize car and other milestones is fun in that everyone essentially wants one goal. But leaves no opportunity for the individual. Getting the cars in the first CSR was an individual effort that I loved. Giving an opportunity to the lone riders that love your game a chance would be nice. This crew concept is amazing and fun but I would like to grind out the game I want to to get the season prize cars on my own it’s what made your first CSR game so incredible. To add balancing the computer in ladder races would be nice I have a fully upgraded tier 2 car but still can’t beat the final ladder race. Granted I do not have stage 6 parts. But I shouldn’t need them for one race. Stage 6 parts are impossible to get especially the specific ones for your current car I have a whole bunch of stage 6 parts for cars I am no where to close to obtaining. Making a rewards system for stage 6 parts for your current car needs to be implemented or your game certainly won’t be fun in this aspect. Please take my review into consideration. Thank you.