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By Wish Interactive Technology Limited

Rating 4/5 From 1,446 Votes
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  • Category: Games
  • Release date: 2018-07-05
  • Current version: 1.1.0
  • Adult Ranking: 12+
  • File size: 1.21 GB
  • Developer: Wish Interactive Technology Limited
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. or Android KitKat 4.4, Lollipop 5.0, Marshmallow 6.0, Nougat 7.0, Oreo 8.0, Android P 9.0 or later
Score: 4
From 1,446 Votes

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How to download, install and play Royal Chaos on your PC and Mac

If you want to install and play the Royal Chaos game on your PC or Mac, you will need to download and install a Desktop App emulator for your computer. We have worked diligently to help you understand how to use Royal Chaos for your computer in 4 simple steps below:

Step 1: Download an Android emulator for PC and Mac

Ok. First things first. If you want to use the application on your computer, first visit the Mac store or Windows AppStore and search for either the Bluestacks app or the Nox App . Most of the tutorials on the web recommends the Bluestacks app and I might be tempted to recommend it too, because you are more likely to easily find solutions online if you have trouble using the Bluestacks application on your computer. You can download the Bluestacks Pc or Mac software here

Step 2: Install the emulator on your PC or Mac

Now that you have downloaded the emulator of your choice, go to the Downloads folder on your computer to locate the emulator or Bluestacks application.
Once you have found it, click it to install the application or exe on your PC or Mac computer.
Now click Next to accept the license agreement.
Follow the on screen directives in order to install the application properly.
If you do the above correctly, the Emulator app will be successfully installed.

Step 3: Royal Chaos game for PC - Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

Now, open the Emulator application you have installed and look for its search bar. Once you found it, type Royal Chaos in the search bar and press Search. Click on Royal Chaos game icon. A window of Royal Chaos on the Play Store or the app store will open and it will display the Store in your emulator application. Now, press the Install button and like on an iPhone or Android device, your Game will start downloading. Now we are all done.
You will see an icon called "All Apps".
Click on it and it will take you to a page containing all your installed Games.
You should see the Royal Chaos icon. Click on it and start playing the Game

Step 4: Royal Chaos for Mac OS

Hi. Mac Gamer!
The steps to use Royal Chaos for Mac are exactly like the ones for Windows OS above. All you need to do is install the Nox Application Emulator or Bluestack on your Macintosh. You can get bluestacks here .

Download Andriod, Iphone

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Download APK
Thank you for reading this tutorial. Have a nice day!

Royal Chaos: Descriptions and Gameplay

【Description】 Royal Chaos is a card-based adventure game that brings you an immersive take on the Chinese ancient palace carved by romance. Being thrust into the dramatic but struggling chaos as a noble lady, will you grin and bear the destiny? Or write your own story – adorned with beautiful fashion, romantic encounters, and the surrenders of your enemies! 【Feature】 Enter A Dreamlike Kingdom of Romance Explore stunning scenery and rich storylines. Choose Your Destiny Embrace your character's choices and pursue a happy ending! Dress Up Like A Queen Conquer with your beauty. Various outfits to build your own stylish palace fashion and stand out in beauty contest. Let your wardrobe be your weapon. Fight for Your Love Battle in an arduous royal war or become immersed in a romantic love affair. Summon historical figures to your aid in fierce turn-based combat. Real-Time Social Interaction Chat with other players, take a stroll through beautiful courtyards, or enjoy a private candlelit dinner! COMMUNITY Official Website : Official Facebook: Official Twitter: Official Instagram: Official Wechat: Search “熹妃Q传国际版”on Wechat Official Weibo: Search “熹妃Q传国际版”on Weibo SUPPORT:

Game Reviews

  • Its Great but ...

    By 『Megumin~Chan』
    The down side of this is download is slow it took more then 30 minuets to download (if you have a slow internet connection)and once you reach stage 50 it really hard to beat and there is not much you can do after that (I was stuck there for 30 min btw). As well there is more action and quests than role play than I thought there were. The story line a bit short. Now let’s talk about the good side of this app, the quality of it is wonderful which I’m impressed about, lots of drama going on which I like, the design of the characters, their outfits were really cute also the action was well done. This is what I recommend that the story would be a bit longer and more things to do on higher levels (coughed stage 50) because I noticed some people were stuck on it and maybe more clothes. Oh one more thing can the creator get rid of the part when you have to like a picture in East/West most people don’t have pictures on their profile or help them like a picture that would be helpful.
  • Good but...

    By Kristen Shea
    I like this game. It has an addictive quality, and there’s a level of complexity that I think really works for it. However, I do have a couple of complaints. The game’s version of a tutorial is forcing you to press the controls in a certain order. There is no explanation on how the different systems work or why they’re important, and some things get overlooked entirely by the tutorial, leaving you in the dark as to what you are doing and why. In many cases, you simply have to explore and muddle through to try and hope you can figure out everything yourself. My other complaint has to do with the battle system. I personally think it’s interesting, but I would like to be able to control at least my character and choose which skills she uses—basically, I want to be able to interact with the battle or at least have the choice to do so rather than being forced into the role of spectator. If these two aspects of the games were addressed, I think it could really, really be amazing and addictive to an unhealthy level.
  • Supporting English! 💗

    By yestononsense
    Words cannot describe how grateful I am now that English is available for this app! I love this game so much and it kills hours of boredom for me! 💗 I am a native Chinese speaker but I’ve only begun learning how to read and write in Chinese 3 years ago because I grew up in the USA and no one taught me. I can happily say that this app has helped me a lot in developing some of my Chinese and in such a fun way! This is my first ever review for any app on the AppStore. This game is so much fun. It teaches you a lot about the ancient imperial system and how scheming it was to be an imperial concubine or Consort. I really love this game but I only gave it 4 stars because sometimes I don’t really understand why my power goes down and because gaining might can be so difficult. Perhaps it’s just the techniques I use that aren’t good enough? It would be a bit nice if there was a guide honestly. I can’t wait for the more updates to come! I’m excited to see new improvements and new chapters. Keep up the great work! 💗💗
  • Controversy in the Chatrooms

    By The harsh TRUTH
    I should preface this review by saying I really enjoy the game, but there is a major issue regarding the chatrooms. Recently there has been a lot of controversy in the hall chat room. Those who speak English have been arguing with those whose speak Chinese due to a major language issue. Due to these arguments, a lot of nasty things were said. I’m sure the chat was intended for everyone to communicate and make new friends; however, such is not the case. Because the game was recently introduced to the U.S., a lot of English speakers have joined the game. I can understand that it’s very overwhelming and upsetting for those who don’t speak the language to, all of a sudden, be bombarded with all these users speaking a different language, when all they wanted to do was chat with someone they can communicate with. By writing this review, I hope the devs can make chat rooms to accommodate everyone, such as having chatrooms for certain languages so that something like this never happens again. Thank you.
  • Well Done

    By DeeDockeray
    I’m deleting other games off my phone because I’m addicted to this one. It’s like a dating-dress up sim and an mmorpg fighting system in one, however the fights are on auto battle, I don’t believe you can turn it off(?) but I would leave it on auto battle anyway because it would be quicker. The game also is heavy on community stuff, like chat, friends, factions, etc; but that doesn’t prevent you from progressing, unless it’s a tutorial. You can play as a loner like me if you wanted to 😜. There’s also a gambling side to it, whenever you’re collecting resources, but you’ll always gain a benefit. As for the main story it’s decent, not the most interesting from what I’ve seen so far but it has good writing and good hooks in it, I got no complaints. There’s a lot to discover and explore for yourself, you won’t be bored that’s for sure!
  • Taichun

    By HateMergeDragons
    This game is a good idea executed poorly, and I wouldn’t suggest downloading it. It’s main problem is that, if you don’t buy extras, it’s very slow and difficult to advance once you get to a high level, so you can’t play very much and it’s boring. This problem is worsened because there is so much going on, so to advance in this way you have to buy this thing, and to advance in that way you have to buy another thing. It used to be fun to have so many different things to focus on, but now it’s just a long chain of things you need to get that leads to you having to buy jade or ergot packs. Another annoying thing is that you’re forced to see people’s comments during stories, and their mostly all-caps “GAYYYY”, which I don’t really want to have to be a part of. If the creators of the game simplified it, made it easier to obtain supplies, and made comments easy to hide, it would be a fun game. As of right now, it’s just annoying and boring. TL;DR: If you don’t want to spend your money, this game isn’t for you.
  • Disappointing & Lazy

    By Random Fake Name
    I had high expectations for this game, as I saw an ad for it that made it look fun. I tried to download it, and after over 30 minutes of waiting, it did not work. This game DIDN'T download, WASTING MY TIME I could have spent doing work or with my family. I tried downloading it twice; this failed. I have seen in other's reviews the makers of this game claim all bugs to be fixed, but apparently... they LIED to all of us. Furthermore, I noticed in the ad I saw promoting this game that the English translation (as, to my understanding, it was originally made in Chinese), is poor. The makers of this game are LAZY and could have taken time to have someone well-spoken in English to double-check the translation. I also saw in the ad the game allows you to change your character's chest size, which is just... perverted and only feeds the idea that anime-style things are like this (cough cough, "fan service" done typically in anime). I only gave this app 2 stars instead of 1 so I don't appear unreasonable.
  • Progressing system

    By karaichi
    It’s a great game, very fun, but it gets ridiculously hard to level up and defeat enemies once you reach level 45 or so. Also their are little to no instructions on the factions and it gets really dumb when you can’t progress your story because “you need to go up five levels” or “reach section *123*” every time you complete a story line (which is quite short) and it takes forever. Other then the progressing system though I don’t have any complaints. Edit: also the emperor or whatever is really dumb though- he blames you for everything just because someone says “she did it!” Even though there isn’t a hint of prove and there are little to no interactions with him in the main story line so far. And I believe I’m a good ways in.
  • Very messy and confusing

    By Your average writer
    While the storyline is (more or less) entertaining and the art is beautiful, everything else about this game is confusing. At the start of the game, you’re immediately bombarded with information. There are so many features in this game that not only is it difficult to keep track of all of them, but you end up not caring about the majority of the features in this game. The tutorials in this game are pretty useless and most of the time, I have no idea what’s going on. The subtitles are often written incorrectly, and sometimes they cut off right before I could finish reading them (and I’m a fast reader!). Overall, the game, while beautiful, lacks in functionality. There’s so many small details that it comes off as sloppy and overwhelming. I wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone.
  • Love it but..

    By Charmintouletoaoer
    I love this game. It’s very addicting and fun, I have already made many friends. But the recent update is awful, why did they add a censor feature? It’s practically impossible to chat now. When you get rid of this feature, I would love to give it more stars. The comments that play during the story cutscenes are terrible. Like who really thought that was okay? It’s distracting from the story. I personally don’t have a problem getting my might up, but I do admit that sometimes it’s quite difficult and a lot of things are not explained well or even at all. And please, make Clan Wars more fair. West is really lacking, I don’t know why they are given such a bad rep (yes, I know the folklore story, but still. It’s unfair). I also think it’s unfair for other people to bring your faction down just because they paid money. It’s really stupid. TL;DR: It’s a good game you should give a try, but it has issues.
  • Yay

    By CutieFruit
    Good game. Downloaded it before it was translated and kept the app and waited for the translation since they said they would do it and they delivered, and even if the translation isn’t perfect it’s readable. You can pay for certain things but most of it is cosmetic and you can earn the currency to buy clothes without spending. Overall I enjoyed the story it is very much like one of those historical palace dramas like advertised and it’s a good game for people who like dress up games, drama stories, management games etc. I’m sorry for all the English people giving it 1 stars just for the language being in Chinese that’s really not cool. Thanks for your hard work!
  • Chatrooms & Embattle

    By Tai哈哈哈
    For the chatroom problem, you guys have pretty much censored every unneeded word to be censored such as ur, ice, app, etc. I wish the words that should be censored as curse words are actually censored and words that don't need to be censored are uncensored. It's annoying when I'm having a conversation and everyone is having trouble speaking due to the censors. For the Embattle topic, they don't explain how you should arrange the positions. You have to guess & re-try. It's confusing especially to players who don't even know of this feature. There has been some people confused about why they are losing to characters with less might. I'd wish there was a tutorial about this in the game, as well a skip button for the tutorial for those who have dummies.
  • Great but...

    By idk love it
    It’s a very great game but In the game it said you can have your own love story and that’s really cool but wouldn’t it be cool if you can get pregnant and have a baby and live a life with your love interest idk it just a suggestion I feel like it be more interesting and fun. It be also cool if you can choose what to do with your baby, like you could choose weather you want the baby or not, idk it be cool if you did add that in the game. It be also cool if we could do something else instead of just fighting the entire time because to be honest it can get pretty boring. Thanks and I love the game keep up the good work-random person👍
  • Incrediblely Fun but not as described

    By ladydanni
    This is a great game with beautiful graphics and a fairly engaging storyline, however it’s not what it says in the description. The description only provides the storyline path for the female character. If you choose to be a male character you don’t get to do the same things. Could we play both in future? I’ve been playing this for two days and I’m still randomly clicking most of the time. Maybe a simple tutorial? And let the character choose they’re own attacks when fighting? Also I didn’t get to choose my romance path. Let the characters be gay.
  • An Amazing Game

    By <3 Faith
    So I’ve been playing Royal Chaos for almost a week. It includes an amazing adventure with the story, you get to interact with other people around the world, and you get to challenge others (avatars in the game and other players). If you want to play this game using your data too, it is completely fine! I have to be careful with how much data I use but I played for about 4 hrs off line and it barely used any data! It used about 9.5mb the whole time! I highly recommend getting this game if you like otome games or just want to interact with others.
  • Good game!

    By AmyyZeng
    Started playing 3 days now and I’m honestly addicted. BIG PLUS is I like how the game doesn’t really pressure you to purchase items to get to the next level or to design/upgrade your heroes! Also like the live chat!! CONs of this game, at first I didn’t really understand the game. it didn't really explained what this or that button is for it just basically told me to press here and I go there .....I’m on level 50 and still trying to figure out the “Factions” area... but overall COOL game! Sorry if my review is confusing.. I don’t really review games unless I like it!
  • Good game but many problems

    By Akai_Paradise
    The game is nice. Good art. I like that it continues to do things even when you are offline. It’s addictive. However, there are a few problems. One being that I can’t log in without WiFi which is very problematic. The game even says I have good network when I measured it. Also, I would like there to be an option for me to be able to battle manually and not just on auto. Another thing is that while I like the nightly date preparation for the top player I wish it would be more interesting because clicking on the same buttons for 15 minutes and watching the same thing gets boring in a day.
  • FIVE stars

    By MacyMacyKhan
    For me it’s a great game. Great way to pass some time. It was a little confusing when I first started the game cause there was so much going on—like literally so many buttons 😂 but what kept me playing was the storyline and you get to pick choices. It was interesting and engaging. Graphics were AMAZING. I spent some money here only once because overall you don’t really need to spend money in this game coz tbh u earn FAST and level up fast in this game even when ur not playing it. It only gets harder when ur in lvl 60+.
  • Really Addicting!

    By monet1362
    I’ve spent more time than I should’ve playing this game for the past two days.. it’s really addicting and appealing. The only thing that bothers me is that I feel the tutorial could be a bit more elaborate. It feels like some things that should’ve been explained were skipped over. It would be nice to add a pause button for gameplay and battles. Also, I wish that battles were more hands-on, that the player could make decisions during battle, if only with the MC. Other than that, the game is awesome. I hope the producers read this review.
  • Protentials

    By hayatecrawford
    While the game has interesting storyline, ever since I started playing I’ve encountered connection issues daily. While my other internet connections were working fine, the game kept saying “Unable to connect servers”, at least once a day; I would have to perform repair function each time to make it worked. I’m not sure if it’s something the developer can fix, if so I hope it can be fixed asap, cause it’s really disturbing the gaming experiences. I will give 3 stars review now as the issue still raises, once the game runs smoothly I will change to a higher rating.
  • I’m very disappointed

    By mqdog
    I had high hopes for this game like you don’t even know, but I was very disappointed. I wasted my time buying it. I like games that are better sounding in English not in Chinese. And the amount of time it takes to load is unbelievably long. I downloaded it at approximately 2:30 pm I checked back at 4:00 pm from running errands. Wasn’t even on installing not even half way through. I understand that it takes you a long time to make a game and this was popular but now your losing customers in this game. Including me. I’d rather watch a blank screen then play this game, P.S I’m sorry for being mean and a idiot but it’s true.
  • Please fix censorship

    By youuursstruly,
    This game is fantastic, first off. My only real issue is the way the chat has been censored. There are words that aren’t inappropriate or crude that have been blocked. For instance, “fu” is not allowed so you can’t even say the word “fun” without asterisks showing up. Or the fact that the words “app” and “game” is restricted doesn’t make sense. The chat really added to the game with its social interactions but if even some of the words in the automatic messages are blocked, that’s an issue. I hope this matter gets resolved swiftly because it really takes away from the game and I like talking to friends on here. Thank you.
  • Pretty nice

    By WheezyV
    Yeah, this game is pretty nice and has a lotta good graphics. Has English (thankfully) because I am Vietnamese but only speaks English. Little issue, I redownloaded this game to make a new character and I am typing all these names but it always says it was used! I can’t even use my old character’s name! Oh, and one more thing... How about in different characters we have a different story, it might get a lil’ boring with the same thing. But, this game is wonderful.

    By FirstVibe
    Today I opened up my app and was surprised that I’m not seeing Chinese characters—a language I don’t understand. I was thinking in my head, “Wait a minute, I’m not dreaming right?” The game is in ENGLISH!!! It’s ENGLISH!! I can understand now!! Oh my God, I never been this happy over a game before, haha! I’ve always played this game blindly through Google Translate (which is truly not accurate). Now... I am very addicted. “I want to be the very best, no one ever was”- Pokemon