MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018

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By Glu Games Inc

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  • Release date: 2018-06-27
  • Current version: 1.2.1
  • Adult Ranking: 9+
  • File size: 263.25 MB
  • Developer: Glu Games Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.2 or later. or Android KitKat 4.4, Lollipop 5.0, Marshmallow 6.0, Nougat 7.0, Oreo 8.0, Android P 9.0 or later
Score: 5
From 170,436 Votes

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How to download, install and play MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018 on your PC and Mac

If you want to install and play the MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018 game on your PC or Mac, you will need to download and install a Desktop App emulator for your computer. We have worked diligently to help you understand how to use MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018 for your computer in 4 simple steps below:

Step 1: Download an Android emulator for PC and Mac

Ok. First things first. If you want to use the application on your computer, first visit the Mac store or Windows AppStore and search for either the Bluestacks app or the Nox App . Most of the tutorials on the web recommends the Bluestacks app and I might be tempted to recommend it too, because you are more likely to easily find solutions online if you have trouble using the Bluestacks application on your computer. You can download the Bluestacks Pc or Mac software here

Step 2: Install the emulator on your PC or Mac

Now that you have downloaded the emulator of your choice, go to the Downloads folder on your computer to locate the emulator or Bluestacks application.
Once you have found it, click it to install the application or exe on your PC or Mac computer.
Now click Next to accept the license agreement.
Follow the on screen directives in order to install the application properly.
If you do the above correctly, the Emulator app will be successfully installed.

Step 3: MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018 game for PC - Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

Now, open the Emulator application you have installed and look for its search bar. Once you found it, type MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018 in the search bar and press Search. Click on MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018 game icon. A window of MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018 on the Play Store or the app store will open and it will display the Store in your emulator application. Now, press the Install button and like on an iPhone or Android device, your Game will start downloading. Now we are all done.
You will see an icon called "All Apps".
Click on it and it will take you to a page containing all your installed Games.
You should see the MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018 icon. Click on it and start playing the Game

Step 4: MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018 for Mac OS

Hi. Mac Gamer!
The steps to use MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018 for Mac are exactly like the ones for Windows OS above. All you need to do is install the Nox Application Emulator or Bluestack on your Macintosh. You can get bluestacks here .

Download Andriod, Iphone

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Download APK
Thank you for reading this tutorial. Have a nice day!

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018: Descriptions and Gameplay

Team up to build your roster and dominate the league in Tap Sports Baseball 2018 New Ways to Compete • Team up with a club for your chance to beat the best of the best • Create-A-Player lets YOU dominate the league • Test your MLB predictions in Pick’em to get extra rewards • Fan favorite Walk Off Hero is back and better than ever Manage Your Team, Compete to Win • Play with official MLB Teams and MLBPA Players • Build and level up your MLB roster to climb up the leaderboards • Compete for the greatest baseball legends in daily events and challenges • Swing for the fences in Home Run Battles mode and go for glory in Walk Off Hero mode Play with Friends, Join Clubs, and Tournaments • Tap to swing with easy one-touch control, anytime and anywhere • Compete against multiple friends in action-packed gameplay sessions • Play in weekly events and prove who possesses the ultimate team in head-to-head competitions • Join a Club or create your own to compete in exclusive events for top prizes Major League Baseball trademarks and copyrights are used with permission of MLB Advanced Media, L.P. All rights reserved. MLBPA trademarks and copyrighted works, including the MLBPA logo, and other intellectual property rights are owned and/or held by MLBPA and may not be used without MLBPA’s written consent. Visit, the Players Choice on the web. PLEASE NOTE: - This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your iTunes account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings. - Please buy carefully. - Advertising appears in this game. - This game permits users to interact with one another (eg. chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging). Linking to social networking sites are not intended for persons under age 13. - A network connection is required to play. - For information about how Glu collects and uses your data, please read our privacy policy at: - If you have a problem with this game, please contact us at: FOLLOW US at: Twitter @glumobile

Game Reviews

  • Meh

    By gkdudrgsjcjsjf
    It’s a fun game but there are a lot of problems. First off, you can clearly watch the players teleport to where the ball was hit, as a lot of people say. Also, even though a batter may be way better than the pitcher you’re hitting against, the hits are all exactly the same, either a crappy single, an impossible catch, a slow grounder that’ll always be an out, or a far line drive/hit that’s caught. It’s nearly impossible to get a hit. Also, the chances are so low of getting anyone even remotely okay, that to actually get someone worth it, you’d probably have to spend a few hundred dollars. Definitely a pay to win system. And the people you can get for free from events are so hard to get that it’s impossible without paying. And the leveling system for your players are crazy hard, it takes about a week to gain the XP for leveling all of your players to bronze level 10, and probably a few months to gain the gold and Elo tokens and xp to get your team to silver level 10. I don’t even want to know how hard it’ll be to get to gold, or platinum, or diamond level 10. Also, I think they took out the ability to chat to people in your clan, which is stupid. I can’t tell my clan members when I’m out of town or at work and unable to play so they don’t kick me, which kills me. If you read all of this, thank you! If you’re a developer of the game, please consider making some small changes that aren’t so money oriented.
  • 😐🙄😵🤢⤵️❎🔚

    By YoDavid27
    Crap game. The graphics are super unnatural and half the time you are up to bat, you get out and if you do get a hit, it is a sloppy single. I have no idea why the “new and improved 2018 version” became 10 times crappier than the version 3 years ago. When the pitcher throws a curveball, it has unnatural movements and I think it’s gonna be right down the middle but then it teleports a foot away and I end up swinging at air. When you finally get a hit to left field and it’s about to go over the warning track, the outfielder teleports right where the ball lands. Even when you you hit it over their head, one of them has to make an unbelievably diving catch like he’s some mickey mantle or something. I spent over $3,000 on the 2017 version and when I get the 2018 version, and I log into my account, i am back to square one. I have 0 gold bars and 0 dollars. And even though it says in the reviews on this crap game is 90% five stars, it usually means that this “player” is another robot working for GLU. It doesn’t matter what your stats are for your team, if your guy up has an overall rating of 97, and the pitcher has an overall rating is 11, the robot just has to throw three unnatural curveballs and I find myself about to smash my phone is a million pieces. I can’t tell the difference between the 2017 and 2018 version. GLU is literally draining my bank account. I don’t get GLU’s trick: how are you not sued or in jail by now? I’m deleting this waste of storage.
  • Very poorly programmed

    By Love the game, but frustrated
    Where do I begin? Players don’t come close to matching their ability in real life. Base runners “run” at a snails pace. You hit a slow grounder to third, he throws to first and in reality he’d be out or safe by inches. But the runner is barely halfway there. A runner is rounding third and the ball is thrown from deep center field and beats the runner before he is half way home. It’s like they just walk when they should sprint. Balls that should have gone into the crowd just bounce off the crowd and it’s called a double instead of a home run. You happen to have a good inning and score 4 rund, the computer responds by getting 5 more even though it’s a crap team and your pitcher is an ace. StRting pitches get tired after 2 innings. Pitches suddenly curve at the last second. Your view is from above so you can’t tell when a pitch is going in the dirt. Same pitch and batter hitting at same time results in different outcomes when it shouldn’t. You open draft picks and it gets rid of your regular players instead of letting you decide. You can’t upgrade your players without winning a lot which is near impossible. Outfielders constantly make impossible catches they were nowhere near. Game used to be good. Now it’s just awful. I agree with others that say it’s just a big money grab attention now. I deleted the game after 3 weeks. Make it more realistic and acceptable and I might chance my review.
  • Potential, but doesn’t have enough gameplay variety

    By Chris Lessing
    The fact you guys show where the infield is shifting, but don’t give us a, “closed stance” or “open stance” option, is a complete joke. Just too limited as a player. We should be able to control a little bit more. An option between power, or a regular contact hit would be nice too. All we do is tap the stupid screen in this game. Z E R O replay value tbh. Gets suuuuper repetitive & I don’t play/grind NEARLY as much as some people. Can’t imagine their stance on it. Complete JOKE in my opinion. Cmon guys, you can do better. Also, GET RID OF THE ADS!!!! Look @ SuperCell & their historically money making phone games.... NO ADS!!!! Not only do you limit our gameplay to a little tap on our screen (no strategy involved whatsoever), but you make us watch 10 to 15 second ADS to games we’ll NEVER play. Do you know how annoying it is to come off a loss, & watch an AD???? Hahahaha are you guys serious?? You guys need to pull your head out of your butts & clean this game of for next year. You definitely see potential, but we need some strategy added besides timing your swing. & for everything lovely GET RID OF ADS!!!!!!!!!!! I will NEVER pay for that. EVER. & I guarantee I’m with the majority. In game purchases & an option to purchase an “ad free” version of the game is too much. It’s like you’re trying to push your player base away lol be better in the future, plz.
  • Fun but frustrating

    By Rbogie
    This is a fun game, however it is very inconsistent. I just finished the season mode and lost in the series before the finals. It was like my players suddenly forgot to hit. All my upgraded power hitters couldn’t hit it out of the infield. Most of those went straight to the pitcher. When I finally got a decent hit the next batter was a guaranteed double play. I’m all for a challenge, but I don’t think the difficulty of the game should be that I can’t hit. I used an ice pack to throw my ace but he gives up 4 runs in the first 2 innings. When it comes to bunting, you should just leave that out of your strategy. They are good for advancing a runner to second most of the time. If you’re trying to get one to third or try a squeeze play, it’s a guaranteed out for the lead runner. In those situations, the ball is hit to the pitcher or popped straight up to the catcher. I have used franchise coins in the past to buy a prime player. Their 5 games on my roster never ended fast enough. I had better luck with my normal roster. It seems like every time you use something special like this or an ice pack, it doesn’t work out for you, which deters me from purchasing these with real money. When I finally got a prime player draft pick as a gift, I drafted a player I already had and got Exp points as a consolation.
  • Glu’s development team is a scam

    By Hkjjnmmn
    Hello, I would like to inform everyone about my situation so it doesn’t happen to you or if it does we can take legal action against glu. So I’m playing the game just for fun I e spent a penny on it, and I’m playing by the rules and doing nothing wrong and all of a sudden there’s glitches in the game, which isn’t a big deal to me such as a game crashing or a game saying I have to play it even though I literally just did. So when I contacted the support team about this, they responded by saying that these were NOT glitches in the game, rather that i had “Cheated” and “exploited” the game so my account was jailed and this was permanent they said. Also, they said they couldn’t tell me what led them to jailing me because of there policies, but apparently someone on their development team with a “proper investigation” said I cheated. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever been through. It was literally a scam and it happened out of nowhere. I have never cheated in this game and I never would because I’m not a loser with no life playing video games, and the only reason I would ever go out of my way to write this app review is when something is seriously wrong and I have been wrongfully accused of something that I cleary did not do. It’s a complete scam and customer service doesn’t help, they’re literally like a robot all responding with the same sentences.
  • Don't waste your money

    By Airflounder
    Okay I have played this and 17. 17 had its issues but if you were willing to put some time into the game you would be fine with out spending money on 17. Not the case with 18. Now I understand they have to make money in order to continue to make games. But this version is not worth the money you would spend to play. No customer support (keep giving you canned responses to your concerns), they make every excuse under the sun when you come back with an issue. For example I keep getting matched up with teams that are better than mine, and lose constantly they tell me it's because of my win/lose % and team strength. But I am bronze I shouldn't get matched up against a silver team. Then I show them the next match up and then they tell me team strength is not a true indicator of how you do just a idea and give you some bull that even a lower level team can win a game in real life. Yes of course but.... unlike in computer game real life teams they are not controlled by an unrealistic algorithm. I can go on and on but the truth of the matter is don't waste your money on this game. If you want to spend money go find other one. Because after you spend here the next season comes and you got to start over again because they don't transfer teams. And the customer support is horrible.
  • Same old BS

    By niscchs1988
    Game is complete garbage. No idea what happened between the 2015 version until now, but the game is a total joke. Your players will struggle to just hit the ball out of the infield and when you finally do, it’s just a blooper or ground ball right into the opposing teams glove. Other times when you think you’ve finally gotten a base hit, the computer player literally teleports under the ball for an easy out. Pitching is totally inconsistent. The pitcher can pitch the exact same pitch 5 times in a row, 1 time you’ll smash an easy home run, the next 4 pitches don’t even make it past the pitcher. Player and team stats mean nothing. You could be matched up against a team that is statistically inferior to yours in every way and still lose game after game. Auto play is another joke. You could be up by 10 runs in the 8th inning and use auto play and the computer decides to rake you over the coals. This game seems like it’s sole purpose is to get you to spend money. No thanks. This game used to be super fun to play but somewhere between the 2015 version and now it’s become near impossible to enjoy. Fair challenge is one thing but this is ridiculous. You are driving both veterans and new players away by making the game much too difficult.
  • If you’re rich you’ll love it

    By MavRob22
    At its core, this is a good game. The issue is to get 1 player of the litany that are “5 star” (they use that term VERY loosely), you have to buy one at $40-$70, or buy an average of 40 draft picks or boxes to get 1 player. This isn’t to say it’s Harper or Stanton, Bryant or Trout, these can be players Eddie Rosario. You need team full of 4 star, leveled up (also costs money indirectly), and over 4 star players to even be remotely competitive. I have to wonder if they’ve considered that 25 players at a $55 average is $1,375 on ONE game, and that’s assuming no duplicates which happens A LOT or getting players that both play the same position. To get a team full of the high end players, or players which you are a fan, plan to spend $3k, easy. Then the players will all be worthless when the new version comes out in 2019. Letting normal income people get players for less money, or making the rosters carry over to reward the people playing for years and spending their hard earned money, would probably increase overall spending anyway, and everyone would be happier. Hopefully someone from Glu sees this. As for everyone else, that’s the good and bad of it.
  • Will change my review when changes are made

    By Matthew_P_24
    Let me start by saying this game is so much fun. However, it’s fun runs out very fast. How often do pro baseball players hit routine pop flys and easy little lobs to the infield? Not every single hit!!! In this game your batters hit routine, easily catchable pop flys and 20 mph line drives straight to the baseman’s gloves every single hit. This is ridiculous and very frustrating. I just played a playoff game against the Giants and went 5 innings only obtaining 2 or 3 strikes. The rest were immediate hits. All of them went to the wall for a deep routine fly to be caught like the guy knew it was gonna be there like it had been fortold for a thousand years. And the rest either popped up in the air for the catcher or straight to the baseman’s gloves. The game is definitely fun, I loved it starting out. But because of these unrealistic problems with the game, the fun runs out very fast. Game developers: please change this stuff before I get annoyed or bored enough I delete the app. Realistic is great, but what you have here is an attempt at a realistic game that is coming off as unrealistic. I feel like I’m playing with a peewee league not pro athletes.
  • Different year same crap.

    By Wilkopuppy
    It’s all the same junk from last year. Difficulty changes from one week to the next in whiffle bat hero. My created level 10 legend can’t even get through the final of tier 3. With a 20% boost he has double the stats of the pitcher and still flies out of hits a double play ball every time. Players stats are obviously meaningless. Mystery boxes are junk. They jacked the difficulty in the main event this weekend for some reason. I’m lucky if I win 3 out of 6. I guess they don’t want me to spend gold on streaks. Customer service is terrible. Takes them days to get back to you with an unhelpful canned response. I come to find out that if you play too many games they jack up your opponents to get you to level up. We’re a little over a week in for American players and I’m being auto promoted to higher difficulty just because I play a lot and want help my club. What kind of garbage is that? With the all players start at bronze junk I want to get a decent team together before I move up. I can’t do that if I want to score points in the main events now though since Glu doesn’t care about their game being fun and letting you play how you want. They just want your cash.
  • Took my team

    By horriblecustomer service
    Now I’ve played the 2017 version, so when this one started, I knew what to do. Just start watching videos for gold, all the time. Build my team for free instead of spending any money. Well Glu doesn’t like that I guess. One weekend I watched videos and played. Watched videos and played. One time after watching about 7-8 videos, I exited out to collect my gold. A message came up that said something happened and I didn’t get my gold. So I contacted glu to let them know. Then all of a sudden my chat and some other club features are gone. When I contact them again to tell them this and that they didn’t even help me out with my first question. They told me my team was flag for cheating! They can’t tell me why! I can continue playing but I lose half the features of the game. No reversing it. Complete crap. Because I didn’t spend tons of money and build up my team with free gold. I’m cheating. Ridiculous. I asked how can I prove I’m not cheating? They said tough luck. Screw this game. It was fun, but not worth it to put up with the crappy company who runs the game. Thanks for nothing. I’ll go support some other game and be sure to let everyone know how “great” you are
  • “Retry”

    By Mit@lex
    It seems every time you get to the top of the slugfest or walk off tower the game restarts and you are back at round 1 before you can “complete” the level. It’s annoying. Also would be nice if your first round draft picks weren’t 2.5 - 3 stars. I feel like they should be no less then a 3.5 for a first round. Also, the walk off event is terrible. It’s either a blooper or a HR, you can never get a solid hit even though you may have a sliver level player like trout and still get nothing but a bloop single off a bronze level 3 star pitcher. I do agree with most it would be nice if you could import your past team like madden and other games. Overall the game is still fun. Just a few things could be fixed like when you have a maxed out player in slugfest fest and somehow you lose to a level 5 player and you. Player rating is higher it’s bs. If the game doesn’t want you to win that round you won’t.
  • Where are you customer support???

    By Beardface23
    I recently bought a iPad and tried to play on that instead of my iPhone. Once I linked my account to the iPad, I got locked out of my account on my phone not know that you can only play on one device. I’ve tried to log back in on my phone which is where I’d prefer to play and now I’m locked out on my phone and iPad. I’ve paid for the stadium endorsement to get free daily gold. I’ve messaged the customer support and have not received a reply. Apparently they Glu just takes your money and when there is an issue they do nothing to resolve it. I really enjoyed the game before this happened, was a daily player, and am the leader of a club. I’d continue to play if they’d fix it but there has been no response from Glu to resolve this stupid issue. Update: after waiting a week they finally fixed my account. I’m happy but I just wish I could play the game on both my iPhone and iPad.
  • Rigged.

    By jackingjc
    It was my choice to spend money on this game, but I usually expect something in return. This game is all about making a ton of money off of real baseball lovers.. This game glitches very often, and at times while in a club tournament you will lose your points. I’ve heard of others being compensated for, not once have I been... I’ve actually paid cash for boxes and because of a glitch never received the player. Many times purchased a box and got nothing, the customer care sometimes takes week or so to get back with you. The responses you get are definitely robotic.. If you do have a problem there is no one to help you... It will ask a question at the end of there response, did we answer all your questions, I say no everytime and even went through great lengths to explain . I get no response... after telling them I didn’t get my purchase the automated system basically told me I was wrong that I did get my player... Most would ask what’s the big deal? Well I’ve spent in excess of 1k .. I simply just want what I paid for...
  • You don’t have to spend money to enjoy!

    By smn18smile
    I don’t know what everyone is talking about with the bad reviews. I have had no issues. I was tired of commercials so I waited for a .99 cent sale on something, bought it and no more commercials, bingo! I love playing this game! I’ve even got my fiancé to start playing it! The players do sometimes make amazing catches but I still get lots of hits. I find it a little hard to level up. But I play every evening so I’m progressing! I’ve only spent .99cents and I have quite a nice team that’s all upgraded and capped just waiting to level up. The only thing that would be kind of cool is if you could see the pitching as well and have more to do with that. I understand people being upset about their teams from 17 not transferring but I didn’t deal with this issue, as I only just started playing. But overall I’ve enjoyed the game and look forward to playing and enjoying more updates.
  • Accurate?

    By Udixyaicksjsicksjdkdbsnxuwpsk
    This game has its fun times of winning and seeing your favorite players walk up to hit, but it has so many flaws it’s insane to play sometimes. The defense in this game is ridiculously over-powered. Pretty much any ball hit in the outfield gets caught no matter where the ball is hit. The infielders are automatically adjusted to field a ball quicker after the ball is hit, which is just ridiculous. The offense of this game is just as bad. You hit any ball perfectly and it grounds out to the pitcher. The base runners run way to slow compared a real experience. I see the outfield jog to a random pop fly faster then a base runner running to first, only to get thrown out after the infielder bobbled the ball or laid out for it. The “sticks” in this game are ridiculous. I feel like using auto play is better because actually playing the game isn’t manageable half the time. I complain about this game only because I think this game has a lot of potential to get better. I hope the ideas put into this review get looked at and possibly changed for the better.
  • Money grubbers

    By Tonto15
    You have to spend way to much money to have a decent team. You spend money thinking you’re going to get a decent player and all you get is an EVO coin that you can’t even use until you become a pro team. If you hit the ball to the outfield there is a player standing there ready to catch it no matter where you hit it. All they want is your money for nothing in return. No way this is a 4.8 star game as it suggests. So I’ve contacted GLU and their response was that they would push it down the line to the developers. I said that wasn’t good enough...... pushing it off on someone else. I have replied to them two times since I told them that and I am getting no more responses. That is how much they don’t care. With all the complaints I see along the same lines as mine there is NO WAY this game is rated 4.8. I play MLB9INNINGS18 by COM2US and find it’s a better game and I rarely need to feed it money. Check their response: Who is Tonto15? I’ve never used that sign on in my life. You see folks, nothing but blah blah blah from the developer. No fixing it or making it right.
  • Decent game at the most

    By Calrafe
    First of all when you say that it is the new 2018 version of the game people except the game to be better then it was in previous years. For this that is not the case. I find that that the 2017 and even the 2015 version of this game had better ratings in the first place and is also just better as a whole. First off the bugs and glitches are killing me. I am winning in the 9th inning then the game glitches and sends me back to the home page and then when I check back into the game my opponent is beating me by 2 points. Another problem that I have with the game is the graphics. Why is every field that I go to have squares in the outfield and when the players run it is so unrealistic because the players look like their trotting as if they are in the military. The last complaint that I have have about this game is that the players make unrealistic plays like the centerfielder makes three diving catches in a row, I mean WHAT! Thank you for being here to listen to my report😊👍
  • ❌Find another baseball game❌

    By onyxotter
    This game is just a device for Glu to scam people out of money. The odds on player boxes are false so even though you open a certain amount, you still don’t receive the promised player. The game is full of lag and crash issues, even after the recent update. When you contact customer service, they never actually help or answer any questions you have. Just continue to blame the user for poor connection or incompatible devices while the real issue is their terribly developed game. Save your money, save your time. Play perfect inning or something else. This game will never change. Full of “bait and switch” and other false advertising which is illegal, but Apple and Glu do nothing about it. Besides, the gameplay is actually pretty poor. Okay-ish graphics, un-lifelike hits, fielding, speed, pitching. A “curveball” leaves the screen after the pitcher throws it and appears 2 inches from the plate. Even if you have a hitter that is better overall, you’ll hit a super slow grounder or shallow pop up. Just forget this game exists.
  • Game is fun but needs major/minor improvement

    By Good music high quality Singer
    The game is fun, but a pitcher doesn’t in real life tire in one inning to where it is fading, also when another pitcher is pitching most pitches that are strikes aren’t readable because, they are just too high and makes the baseball and game just look flat like air hockey on an iPad. And the players in outfield in real life couldn’t catch half the balls hit but I think they should not catch majority and catch maybe just 50/50. Also this is just an idea that I think should be addressed, will you guys make it where gold can be earned by watching videos, cause I do not want to spend 9.99 on Say 300 pieces even though that is probably not accurate, but will you make it if you do this like 5-10 pieces of gold. But the please address the ideas above thank you for taking your time.
  • Frustratingly close to perfection

    By Iansjdjrixn
    Best baseball game on the platform right now, enjoyable arcade style gameplay and the developers give you enough opportunities to get packs and field a good team even if you’re FTP. The one thing that annoys me though is in regards to team building. I can’t understand why players don’t have at least one secondary position. There’s no reason why we can’t move a Starting Pitcher to the bullpen as a Long Reliever or play a SS at 2nd base. It’s just really frustrating to pull a 4.5 Star hitter that you can’t use due to limited positional eligibility. Also, I’ve noticed some players don’t even have their correct positions listed in-game. (Trea Turner for example is an OF in this game when he hasn’t played there in 2 seasons.) Overall, I enjoy this game, and play it nearly every day, but there are some easily fixable things that could really help the player base.
  • Need to fix/update match making

    By Fryeman17
    I have been playing this game every year for about 3 years now and I can say it’s honestly one of my favorite games. However, they seem to have screwed up the match making and club ranking’s in this version. I’m always paired up with players that play a ton in the rankings so if I do play a lot I’m still not even close to being able to beat someone. Then, the same exact thing for clubs too, our club is like 700 for all the events this week and we had players playing quite a bit. This needs to be fixed in the next coming update. The matchmaking is way off and needs to be fixed. Otherwise players are going to get discouraged by never getting in the top 100 even though they may play a lot and quit playing. I know I’ll lose interest if I’m never in the top 100, it’s just not as fun. Especially when you put a lot of time into the game. Best of wishes!
  • Addicting, but beware when spending your real money on this.

    By Joboo1982
    The game is fun and addicting. However, it gets very glitchy. Sometimes it will freeze or give a message stating it needs to reboot. These reboots seem to only happen when you’ve spent a ton of gold to advance in an event, but just before you complete a level. When the game starts back up, you’re set back to the first round, losing all your gold spent on progress. If you contact the developers or customer care, they will turn you away for a simple reimbursement of gold. So not only do you lose your gold, you also probably don’t acquire the player you’re after and the money you spent on the gold is gone. I highly recommend that you don’t spend real money on this. The game is fixed to force you to spend gold to achieve what you’re after. The more gold you have, the harder the game seems because it wants to deplete your stash so you buy more gold.