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By chengwei wu

Rating 4.5/5 From 35,577 Votes
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  • Category: Games
  • Release date: 2018-07-13
  • Current version: 7.18
  • Adult Ranking: 4+
  • File size: 66.35 MB
  • Developer: chengwei wu
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. or Android KitKat 4.4, Lollipop 5.0, Marshmallow 6.0, Nougat 7.0, Oreo 8.0, Android P 9.0 or later
Score: 4.5
From 35,577 Votes

Puzzledom for Pc Screenshots

How to download, install and play Puzzledom on your PC and Mac

If you want to install and play the Puzzledom game on your PC or Mac, you will need to download and install a Desktop App emulator for your computer. We have worked diligently to help you understand how to use Puzzledom for your computer in 4 simple steps below:

Step 1: Download an Android emulator for PC and Mac

Ok. First things first. If you want to use the application on your computer, first visit the Mac store or Windows AppStore and search for either the Bluestacks app or the Nox App . Most of the tutorials on the web recommends the Bluestacks app and I might be tempted to recommend it too, because you are more likely to easily find solutions online if you have trouble using the Bluestacks application on your computer. You can download the Bluestacks Pc or Mac software here

Step 2: Install the emulator on your PC or Mac

Now that you have downloaded the emulator of your choice, go to the Downloads folder on your computer to locate the emulator or Bluestacks application.
Once you have found it, click it to install the application or exe on your PC or Mac computer.
Now click Next to accept the license agreement.
Follow the on screen directives in order to install the application properly.
If you do the above correctly, the Emulator app will be successfully installed.

Step 3: Puzzledom game for PC - Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

Now, open the Emulator application you have installed and look for its search bar. Once you found it, type Puzzledom in the search bar and press Search. Click on Puzzledom game icon. A window of Puzzledom on the Play Store or the app store will open and it will display the Store in your emulator application. Now, press the Install button and like on an iPhone or Android device, your Game will start downloading. Now we are all done.
You will see an icon called "All Apps".
Click on it and it will take you to a page containing all your installed Games.
You should see the Puzzledom icon. Click on it and start playing the Game

Step 4: Puzzledom for Mac OS

Hi. Mac Gamer!
The steps to use Puzzledom for Mac are exactly like the ones for Windows OS above. All you need to do is install the Nox Application Emulator or Bluestack on your Macintosh. You can get bluestacks here .

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Thank you for reading this tutorial. Have a nice day!

Puzzledom: Descriptions and Gameplay

A collection of the best and most addictive logic puzzles, with minimalist graphics and unique level design! "Puzzledom" merges the best puzzles like Connect, Blocks, Rolling Ball and Escape, which are easy to learn and fun to master into one game collection. As a puzzle lover, you don't need to spend much time on searching new brain teasers any more. We will give you a ONE-STOP game experience from now on! "Puzzledom" collection currently has: Connect Connect is a simple game involving connecting dots with the same color. When you draw the lines, please make sure the lines don't cross over each other. All the spaces should be filled. Blocks Blocks is a classic puzzle that you need to fill the entire board with different shapes of blocks. Just drag the right block, move it onto the board and match the right place. It's a perfect logic game for brain training. Rolling Ball Rolling Ball is a path guiding game that you need to slide the blocks to create a channel, making the white ball move from the starting point to the end point. Escape Escape is a well-known game, called Chinese Sliding-Block. The goal is to move the red block to the exit. This game will test your observation skills. More puzzles coming soon We are now working hard on developing new challenging puzzle games. Puzzledom will be the king of brain teasers! FEATURES • Tons of manually designed levels Over 8000 free levels inside and more funny levels are under development. • Easy but funny game play We only put the best puzzles inside, which will make you cannot stop once you start playing. • Minimalist graphics The art design is simple but beautiful. It's a game for all ages. • Playing the game with your friends We will support online rank list soon! You can challenge your friends by achievements and the leader board. • No time limit Unlike Match 3 games, puzzledom does not have a time limit. You can play it anytime even without WIFI. You can use hints to unblock obstacles when you feel struggled in some levels. Enjoy the game with your family ;) If you have any good ideas about Puzzledom, please send us an email in the game!

Game Reviews

  • Fav app - only one issue

    By chicaboricua09
    I absolutely love this app. Multiple puzzle games all in the same place. When you complete any 10 levels you can open a chest and get coins. You can also open a free chest every 4 hours. All these coins can be used to buy hints, in any puzzle game. So if you’re really good at connect but not so good at escape, you can use the coins you earn in connect to buy you hints in escape. Each puzzle gets harder the more levels you complete, and once you’ve finished all the free levels, you can use your coins to purchase extension packages. This is hands down the best puzzle app I’ve ever played. HOWEVER. There is one really annoying issue. As a free app, of course you have to sit through ads here and there. Not a problem, I do that on a lot of apps. However, I am a music person, and I like to listen to music while I play games. But for whatever reason, there is no consistency in the audio of the ads. Some have no audio at all unless you want them to and click on them. Some have audio but just play simultaneously with whatever music I have running in another app. Then some, and these ones are the annoying ones, completely hijack my phone’s audio and shut off anything else I was listening to. Once I am able to exit the ad, I have to go back to the music app and press play again. It can be a real mood killer when I’m in the middle of a favorite song. If the developer were to fix this annoying issue, this would easily be the best free app I have ever downloaded.
  • Great game but...

    By cloudmist of riverclan
    This game is really awesome! You have lots of good puzzles and I totally recommend it. This game is one of the best games that I have found so far because it has all the puzzles in one app so it doesn’t take up much space, whereas with other games you only get one of these games and sometimes these apps are money. Puzzledom is free! I also think it is a great game because if you get stumped on a level than you can get hints for coins and you get more coins for beating levels, unlike other games. Also when you level up you get more puzzles and a lot of times you have never heard of them, like sokoban, colors, and lasers. Overall it is a very good game except for one major problem: the ADS. Almost every time you complete a level you have to watch this stupid ad about some other game! And when you turn off your phone in the middle of a level than when you log back in than you have to see another ad! You can watch ads for more coins but still... ADS! It says you can get rid of all of the ads if you pay $2 but I don’t believe it will get rid of all of them because if you play 10 minutes on puzzledom than you will probably get to see at least 10 ads. Otherwise it’s a great game! I have one more question: can you update the game more often so we can get more games? I have all of them and I would love to see more! Thanks! 😇 -Mango of the rainwings
  • Bugs

    By Brebrebunny1975
    I really loved this game. However, I got a bit of a issue with bugs in this game recently. One bug, and the most recent one, is that in tangram graphics, shape sometimes vibrate when trying to place them. Also, placing shapes is a bit wonky, due to how they try to place them in a space. Could you at least change the placing and make it snap in place and show where it will be placed, like in default tangram. Another bug is sometimes the amount of coin you have will visually not change, which tricks me into thinking I glitched and got the coin back, while the coin number visually stay the same. Doing something cancel this glitch. Next bug is kinda annoying, it sometime happen when you try to connect dot next to the pipe connected to another dot, sometimes, that pipe next to the one you are connections to other dot may break, forcing the player to reconnect it. There is one more bug, and it only happens on tangram graphic level 2. Normally, the right foot on the area is like this ▶️. Well, if you filled out the figure, it won’t be completed. To complete it, you have to fill it, but on the right foot, make the triangle rotate to this 🔽. It kinda strange, since the triangle won’t cover the slot, but the game register it as in right position, which cause the level to be completed if the figure is filled. That is one weird bug.
  • Relaxing, Challenging & worth the ad free upgrade!

    By MSonoda
    The variety of different puzzles is what keeps me playing this game. I find that I quickly become bored with most other puzzle games I have tried. Puzzledom takes all of the best puzzle apps and combines them into one. I do agree with others regarding the ads. MANY game apps use this same random “formula” for ads. They pop up after many levels and sporadically throughout your game play. Just a minute ago I had to force close the app in order to exit the mandatory ad. The “x”, which normally prompts you to close the ad and return to your game just never appeared. Immediately after this happened, I reopened the game and was offered a deal. $2.99 to get rid of all ads plus 600 coins. Against my usual nature of just putting up with them, I went ahead and purchased the ads away! Totally worth it! So much more relaxing to play this game without the interruptions. Definitely recommend this game for anyone looking for a simple, relaxing, go-at-your-own-pace game that doesn’t take ALL of your focus, attention &/or motor skills at ALL times!
  • A couple small issues or I’d give 5 stars

    By Raerae222222
    This is a great app. I love all the different puzzles all in one place. It is just enough challenge to keep me coming back, but not too hard to make we want to run away. Now, for one of the small problems...I paid the few bucks to remove the ads because I was playing it and enjoying it enough that it seemed reasonable to do so. However, now, with the latest update, it asks me every few rounds if I want to watch a video for more coins. I would be fine with this popping up maybe once or twice a day as a reminder, but every few rounds is rather annoying. I know that feature is available, so if I wanted to watch a video to get more coins I would (and have). I don’t need the constant bugging about it. The second small problem (I mostly solved by removing ads) is the random sound ones. It shouldn’t have sound muted on some, and then blast sound on another. It should be consistent. If I click to mute one, I probably want them all muted! Just saying. Other that those couple SMALL issues, I still love playing this puzzle app!
  • Very pleasant puzzle relaxation!

    By Spaduwa
    I have downloaded this game 4 months ago and it is FUN! I was very pleased with the graphics and the puzzle experience levels. The puzzle I enjoy most happens to be FILL, which you unlock at level 40. I also liked the way your achievements are rewarded with coins. I got 300 coins after completing FILL! However, there is one tiny problem that has been bugging me since I downloaded this game. There are just too many ADS! I also have a few suggestions, like adding some new extension packages and having Advanced A and B, and of course some new puzzles. I am a middle-class player with just less than 2000 levels completed, and I have just over 100 coins. I obviously have to say, that I am very pleased that this game doesn’t need Wi-Fi! I play this game on the way to Hersheypark, where I go every weekend (I went the day this review was written) which is a two-hour drive from my cozy Maryland home! And, of course, I don’t have Wi-Fi in the car! This is my most-played game as of its download. Goodbye and happy puzzling!
  • Extremely fun!

    By Coolio12346794268
    I love puzzle games and I have a few of the common ones, like Unblock Me and Flow. But this app has so many different puzzle type games all in one! I love it! I’ve been playing this app every day. It’s a great way to stay entertained. If you like puzzles, you should definitely get this app. Suggestions: 1. Some of the puzzles are confusing in nature. It would be really helpful if you would add some written and visual instructions on how to complete them. The level one “trial” sometimes isn’t enough to learn how to play that certain puzzle. 2. On certain puzzles like Blocks and Tangram, the item you’re dragging is a little bit above your finger. I guess this happens so you can see exactly where you’re putting it, but it feels kind of weird and slightly harder to control when the item you’re holding is hovering above where you’re actually touching the screen. 3. The ads are very excessive. They used to not be as bad, but this recent update was almost a downgrade because they increased the frequency of the ads. Instead of a photo ad occurring every 3 or 4 levels completed, a video ad occurs every 3 or 4 MOVES on one level. Other than those three things, this app is totally perfect and fun to play. The game is categorized in different sections. So if you want to play Tangram, you just click on the Tangram button. If you want to play Plumber, you just click on the plumber button. If you don’t like a certain type of puzzle, you don’t have to play it.
  • Bust app ever a 5 star app 🎖

    By Kay dog 💕💕💛💙
    This is the best puzzle app ever but one thing way too much adds every time you finish on there is an add it makes me crazy but that is the only bad part of the app I just got the app today and I already love it. Here's 5 reasons I like this app. 1 it has so many good challenges and they are not that hard ether. 2 I love all of them and there is not one that is bad so far. 3 I love how that made the app it is fun and it is a mind twister but it is still really fun. 4 you can do so many different ones like if you like for example to do Plummer and not tangrams you can you don't just have to just do that one. 5 this is that best app I have ever had and I have had a lot of apps but this one was the best I Suggest if you are thinking about getting this app you really should and that is my 5 reasons that I love this app Bye P.S. If you get this app you will not Regret it you should get it Have fun with this app Bye 👋🏻
  • WOW A++++

    By Coolbanana27
    This is the best puzzle game in the entire universe! It is really addicting and as soon as I started playing I could not put this game down. I love all of the puzzles and how they are not impossibly hard like some puzzle games are. They are challenging but are still doable. My I-pad is really crappy and most of my games, after I play them for more than twenty minutes, glitch out, but this one does not. There are some adds but not really overwhelming like some games have adds do. I like how you have to play one game/puzzle for so many levels to unlock the next game/puzzle. That makes me wanna play forever. It has a bunch of famous and popular games/puzzles combined into one awesome app. Best app in the world. I hope there are more games/puzzles in the future with more levels. Buy this game if you want to have fun and give your brain something fun to do. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! BUY THIS GAME. -Coolbanana27
  • Entertaining

    By odysseyof5
    Lots of Great puzzles for one low price! There are times when I am waiting on something and want something to do that is not too intense or demanding of time. This app fits the bill -lots of different games to choose from each puzzle takes a short time to do -so it is easy to be able to let go of playing when my wait time is up. I have intense logic puzzles but you need slot of time to complete and have a really quiet environment to concentrate. But these puzzles keep your mind active and alert without sucking you in for long periods. The one reason I did not give 5stars is the intense ads - like another reviewer indicated at the end of every single round of each puzzle and they way they have it designed if your not careful you hit the install button instead of the next puzzle button and then you go through going to another screen and getting out of there before you can reopen the puzzle app. VERY ANNOYING!!
  • Game for Everyone!

    By XxToxicToastxX
    I simply adore this game. It helps keep my spacial reasoning skills sharp and it is always fun for me to come back on and try a new puzzle. I am so glad that there are so many different puzzles to choose from! It really opens me up to thinking in different ways. I sit down with coffee every morning and I use my puzzledom. It is like a book for me but BETTER! The only thing I do not enjoy are the ads. I know that you make more money for advertising and all that but sometimes they just get in the way. I still give this 5 stars because they don't bother me that much. Being only 5 seconds long, I can quickly get back to my thinking. I have actually purchased most of the games from ads, so that is another thing. All together I adore this game and it is for families and people of all ages! I think that everyone should try this game and it will be worth it!
  • Ok Puzzles, Ads Galore

    By Some random fish
    I get it, the game needs to make money, but the amount of ads are ridiculous. Pause the game, there's an ad. Pass a puzzle, there's an ad. Complete a set, there's an ad. There's an ad for every small things you click. Also the puzzles aren't really that challenging, I finished all of Connect, from novice to master, in less than a few days. I only got stuck on like two puzzle. Was it kinda addicting? Yeah, sure. Does it challenge you? Not really. But you know, I sorta had fun. But for the love of god, cut down on the ad a little and I might actually rate it four star. You don't even need to get rid of all the ads, just stop putting an ad for everything. Edit: There are still lots of ads, but they are less frequent and fairly short, which is nice. Plowing through the extension puzzles a bit too quickly tho, they’re kinda too easy. Either, it’s still kinda fun and addicting. :)
  • Issues and awesome things

    By Reed1149
    There are some issues but I rated it 5 star because the good things outnumber the bad things first I will start with the bad things. 1.The leveling up bar goes up to just barely leveling up and it looks complete I don’t know about anyone else but I find that very annoying 2.Ads but I am not complaining I don’t care about the ads because they are not frequent I only see 1 every 20 puzzles! 3.some of the puzzles are hard but that’s why I like the game. And now the good things 1.LOTS OF PUZZLES I like the huge amount of puzzles because it never gets boring! 2.WHEN I see a ad for Puzzledom (Before I got the game) It looked good and I did not expect it to be as good as I saw in the ads for it but it did end up being very good. 3.I rarely rate games but this one was so good that I had to rate it I just had to.
  • Amazing...but...

    By SteveforLife
    Amazing....but... By: BugsBunny78 I LOVED this app! It kept me entertained for hours!! On flights I never got bored, on long rides I never got tired! During power outages, I NEVER had nothing to do! This is simply a great app. I like it because there’s not just one puzzle, but multiple. It makes you work for more puzzles, you can reach a certain level, or buy one with the coins you get by playing the puzzles. They also help you and give you hints about how to solve the puzzle. This game is so addicting, you’ll never want to put it down. However, all good things must come to an end, and this is another beginning for my “complaints”. Despite my 100% total love for this app, I DESPISE the adds!! I’ll be in the middle of the puzzle and there will be an ad, and my entire puzzle will reset . This is quite annoying and frustrating...and more often than not, it’s the same add, so it’s boring, and makes me want to buy the app much less. If you are going to advertise for a game, then make sure the ads aren’t popping up everywhere! That will cause your users to want to use the app less because of the ads, and I want to see this game succeed. After all, if is a great game. Thank you for creating it!! Sincerely, BugsBunny78
  • Favorite App! 2-3 Consequences... 😡

    By Zach Ruda
    In my opinion I would rate Puzzledom 5 out of 5 stars because the game is outstandingly fun to play at any time of day! But would rate Puzzledom 4 out of 5 stars because the app has way to may ads and it’s outstanding on them! You get an ad like every second if your a person if you likes ads! I’m not the type of person who likes ads! So do somthing about it! Another thing I hate about Puzzledom is also the fact that they give you a daily reward and daily box and then finally they give you 25 coins for every 10 questions you solve! Then finally you get so many coins you can spend them on so many hints so I think that it makes the game way less fun! And the left over coins you can go spend them on themes and all sorts of other stuff! So that is why I had to share this with everyone else who likes or dislikes Puzzledom, thank you.
  • Great game but one problem

    By Cat Lover7423
    Puzzledom is a great game and I would recommend it to anyone! It’s a game that you could never get bored of because there are so many puzzle packages and levels you can do. Some games I haven’t even heard of like colors or lasers and it’s fun learning how to play them. Unlike many other puzzle games, every level you complete earns you coins, which is used to buy hints. Say that your really good at tangram but not so good at lasers. You can beat many levels in tangram and use the coins for lasers. I also think this app is unique because of the setup. Every time you level up, you might unlock a new game to keep you busy. There is just one problem though and it’s the ads! Almost every time you beat a level, an ad pops up and takes over your game. It’s annoying but otherwise it’s a great app!
  • Eats battery

    By chrstphrchvz
    I really enjoy this app for the variety of puzzles. There’s hints available if you get stuck, but I think all of the puzzles can be solved just with patience and logic. Note that “Tangram” is a different style: unlike the traditional Tangram which uses the same 7 pieces to form different shapes, this app instead gives you random shapes to construct a large square. [EDIT: the Graphics extension adds the traditional tangram style.] The app seems to drain the battery on my 6S within only a couple of hours, even if I have Airplane Mode on; I can play other apps for several hours, so I’m not inclined to think it’s just my phone’s battery wearing out. I would give this app 5 stars if the battery life issue is addressed. EDIT: I’ve noticed that in “Connect” Warps extension crashes during the “How to play” tutorial (e.g. levels 1, 4, and 5) crash—a workaround is to skip the tutorial.
  • Deceptively Deightful

    By Metallocomotive
    Let me put you in a little scenario. A fortification on your Clash of Clans game is near completion, but you must watch an advertisement to help it finish faster. And this game comes up. Despite how much fun it will be to make that little 13 year old pay for schooling you the last time you saw them, consider this. For absolutely no money, and very little space, you could solve puzzles for no money whatsoever. And think of it like this: Your mind was naturally designed for complex problem solving (No matter what false truth you’ll mentally instill upon yourself). I play at least 10 puzzles every 3 hours to exercise my mind. Because of this free app, I can process data faster, and I’m much more relaxed. And it’s free. I highly recommend that you play it, even if only to attempt to prove to yourself otherwise.
  • Too many interruptions

    By Nozomi16
    I really like this app, for the most part. Lots of different games with increasing difficulties, easy to earn coins to use to buy hints for the more challenging games/levels. My biggest complaint is all the ads. I get it - it’s a free app, they have to get money to keep it going and updated, and ads are how they do it. That’s fine. But every so many levels, it fills the screen with an “ad break” and plays an ad. Annoying, but it’s only $1.99 to get rid of those. For me, it’s worth it. But even having paid that, there’s something that still pops up. Every other level, it asks me to watch a video to earn coins. It’s an optional thing, so it’s easy to just tap no and move on, and I would’t mind it if it popped up every 10 levels (or even every 5), but literally EVERY OTHER level, it’s there. I just want to play my games in peace.
  • Huge puzzle fan but like...

    By Beeereye
    I love puzzles, i played thru every level of Flow when it came out and then reset it and did it again, and the same with it’s spin offs. I always went to the puzzle category on addictinggames. I enjoy the variety of puzzles and the sheer volume of levels for each game. That said i am not a fan of all the ads and that really spiked my rating from 5 to a generous 3. If you tab out and come back theres an ad, are you kidding me? Every 4th level theres an ad? Dont hit that reset button more than twice on the same level or youll get ad blasted too. Every time one starts i close the app, reopen it, and navigate back to the next puzzle quicker than even the short ads; ive run timers cause im a numbers freak. Like i get it, you need ads to keep the game afloat but im tired of games artificially inflating their ad count and then offering $ purchases to remove them. Quit punishing us for being ftp.
  • Even the Paid Version will push Ads

    By Playerketta
    I’ve had this app for a while now, and I enjoyed the puzzles so much I bought the full version in order to remove ads but also support the developer. Problem is, even after you buy it it will still push notifications to watch ads to “double the coins” of your free daily gift, or it’ll push an ad at the end of the level for extra coins or something. It’s nice of the developer to give people the access to watch ads (generating revenue for the dev) in exchange for coins, but pushing it after each level is extremely annoying. I paid for the full version to NOT be harassed in to watching ads. You can simply select “no” when the pop up happens, but it’s still going to pop up after EACH LEVEL. Don’t push ads on me like this. If I want extra coins, give me an option to watch ads for coins, but don’t push it on me every level.
  • Love the game, but...

    By Wordfunnomore
    I love the games in this package. It is rare for me to spend money on apps, but I do pay to remove ads - which I did in this app as the cost was reasonable. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that I have to close the app to switch to another game within the app. Please add a home button in each game screen so that I can switch to a different game easily. Also, the box asking me to rate the app keeps coming up even though I’ve done a review. Please fix this annoying bug. Update: lowered my rating to a 3 as I have been playing for a few weeks. There are two games that I can’t figure out how they work or what the objective is. I kept using coins to see what happened, but still can’t figure it out. Please add instructions in plain English. I also can’t figure out how to unlock games - seems arbitrary so I’m playing some games that I don’t like to try and get to a new game
  • Great app, But...

    By gyre23:dc(7bm
    This is a great puzzle app. A great way to pass time. Also, it has a wide variety of puzzles from connect to rope to tans gram and many more. But, it has one downfall. The ads are crazy! I know it is a free app and all but sometimes the ads will even show up while I’m in the middle of a puzzle. Or while I’m on a roll in connect it breaks up my flow. It shows me an ad every 1-4 puzzles (1-2 minutes) which is very annoying. Also, starting recently it is asking you if you want to watch an ad for 25 coins right before it shows you a pop up ad. Now, if you don’t mind ads or paying a little to stop them then this is a 5 star game for you but I think they need to at least lessen the ads and ad offers. Now even with ads this is a very fun puzzle game and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes puzzle games.
  • Fun but no incentive

    By _WolfSpirit
    It's a fun game. Has a number of different puzzle types that you could get individually off the App Store. It's enjoyable if you like puzzle games. Unfortunately there's no real draw to keep playing. You earn coins to level up but all they're good for is unlocking a couple puzzle types which you can do naturally with playing other puzzles and there's not that many anyway, or for hints. It offers in app purchases of coins and pushes you to earn them but there's no real reason for it. No unlockables or collectibles. I don't want buying coins to be necessary but naturally progressing in the game should give you some sort of reward even if it's just a skin or something. As such this looses interest quickly because although the puzzles are fun, there is no reward for the challenge. Id rather get these as individual apps and get more reward for my time or alternate ways of play.