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By Crowdstar Inc

Rating 4.5/5 From 119,316 Votes
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  • Release date: 2018-07-13
  • Current version: 1.10.08
  • Adult Ranking: 4+
  • File size: 205.82 MB
  • Developer: Crowdstar Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. or Android KitKat 4.4, Lollipop 5.0, Marshmallow 6.0, Nougat 7.0, Oreo 8.0, Android P 9.0 or later
Score: 4.5
From 119,316 Votes

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How to download, install and play Design Home on your PC and Mac

If you want to install and play the Design Home game on your PC or Mac, you will need to download and install a Desktop App emulator for your computer. We have worked diligently to help you understand how to use Design Home for your computer in 4 simple steps below:

Step 1: Download an Android emulator for PC and Mac

Ok. First things first. If you want to use the application on your computer, first visit the Mac store or Windows AppStore and search for either the Bluestacks app or the Nox App . Most of the tutorials on the web recommends the Bluestacks app and I might be tempted to recommend it too, because you are more likely to easily find solutions online if you have trouble using the Bluestacks application on your computer. You can download the Bluestacks Pc or Mac software here

Step 2: Install the emulator on your PC or Mac

Now that you have downloaded the emulator of your choice, go to the Downloads folder on your computer to locate the emulator or Bluestacks application.
Once you have found it, click it to install the application or exe on your PC or Mac computer.
Now click Next to accept the license agreement.
Follow the on screen directives in order to install the application properly.
If you do the above correctly, the Emulator app will be successfully installed.

Step 3: Design Home game for PC - Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

Now, open the Emulator application you have installed and look for its search bar. Once you found it, type Design Home in the search bar and press Search. Click on Design Home game icon. A window of Design Home on the Play Store or the app store will open and it will display the Store in your emulator application. Now, press the Install button and like on an iPhone or Android device, your Game will start downloading. Now we are all done.
You will see an icon called "All Apps".
Click on it and it will take you to a page containing all your installed Games.
You should see the Design Home icon. Click on it and start playing the Game

Step 4: Design Home for Mac OS

Hi. Mac Gamer!
The steps to use Design Home for Mac are exactly like the ones for Windows OS above. All you need to do is install the Nox Application Emulator or Bluestack on your Macintosh. You can get bluestacks here .

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Thank you for reading this tutorial. Have a nice day!

Design Home: Descriptions and Gameplay

Love home decorating? Play Design Home today - a relaxing, fun game that allows you to live the life of an interior decorator. Sharpen your decorating skills in daily Design Challenges and style visually stunning three-dimensional spaces with access to real, high-end furniture and decor brands. It’s quick, it’s fun and you can connect with a vibrant creative community while learning about diverse décor styles - thus improving your design skills and gaining inspiration that you can even apply in your real life. * Relax through play and express your creativity in daily Design Challenges. * Unlock rewards as you polish your amazing abilities as an interior decorator. * Play with real life, high-end brands as you learn about different interior design styles. * Vote on your favorite rooms from a vibrant, creative community. * Share your creativity and borrow furnishings from your friends when you connect to Facebook. Love the items in your favorite room? You can shop for them directly through Design Home! Click any piece you love and buy it for your own home. With new pieces added every day, Design Home literally puts the best home décor (alternative: furnishings) directly at your fingertips. Not only can you discover brands and trends, you can own them, too!

Game Reviews

  • This game has issues that must be resolved!

    By kelly407
    I've been playing this game for 3 months now and enjoy it a lot. It's fun to take a break and mess around designing a room, and I enjoy seeing what others have done to design the same room. However, I've suspected on numerous occasions that some of my items are gone before I've used them up, but then decided I just had a bad memory... now I am SURE of it! When I went to use chairs that I won recently there was only one in my inventory! I went through my past completed designs and sure enough, I had never used those chairs! Same with a table I had purchased and who knows how many other items...Buying items is expensive and winning them is challenging! (The game should be WAY less stingy with diamonds! 500 hundred a day should be 1000 and winning a mere 125 for a five star design is ridiculous! That should be 1000 as well, especially considering one halfway decent plant or picture sets you back 1000 diamonds! There should also be some diamonds awarded for four star entries, with five stars winning more.) With inventory being so precious I'd like to be able to use the full five I have bought or won and not have the game lose them, or whatever is happening to my inventory. DO NOT SPEND ACTUAL MONEY ON THIS GAME! Also, don't waste your time trying to "complete offers" to earn extra diamonds. You will almost never actually get any diamonds. It is a waste of time. Play the game but use your daily rewards only.
  • Great Game but Could Use Some Tweaks

    By Xen-quility
    I really do love this game and greatly enjoy designing the different rooms using different styles. There is room for improvement. For example, I wait in anticipation for my designer score on a particular room that I was extremely pleased in how it turned out, only to receive a lower score while a room that was designed in all white, all black, a combination of the two or one that didn’t even follow the style description wins “Top Score”. I’ve voted for some pretty amazing designs during judging that I’m sure also scored lower than the so called “Top Designs” that use little imagination by going monochromatic or use whatever style the player wishes rather than follow the style description given. It’s kind of demotivating to say the least. I feel as if 90% of the players have a thing against using actual color in a design. It would be helpful if the developers left in the description on the voting screens to remind the judging public of what style was supposed to be depicted. Also, items are priced way too high for only getting 5 uses from them before having to repurchase them. And last but not least, there is a greatly insufficient diversity in artwork and decorative items to go with the varied style choices. If you can ignore the “color blind” attitudes of the voting public and not get too upset when your design doesn’t do as well as the same boring all black, white or gray right rooms, then you’ll enjoy this game.
  • Great game with some flaws.

    By Meow Meow Designa
    I admit. I’m obsessed with this game. However, there are a couple of things I take issue with. First of all, SO many people don’t follow the design rules and they get ridiculously high scores. This seems to be a frequent complaint and I’m surprised the designers haven’t done anything about it yet. Honestly, I don’t care how beautiful your room is, I won’t vote for it if you have beach furniture in a challenge that calls for traditional. I’d rather vote for a less aesthetically pleasing room if I see the person really tried to follow the rules. There should have a description for each aesthetic (and possibly a visual representation) because people obviously have no clue how to design appropriately. And it’s pretty obvious that people who vote for these rooms don’t either. Also, we don’t ‘buy’ the items, we ‘rent’ them. A little pet peeve of mine. This should be changed in the app. And give us more than 5 uses! There also needs to be a category for “mid-century furniture.” One more thing... the prizes are often redundant. I’ve gotten 6 different grey chairs in the past couple of weeks. There really needs to be more variety in the prizes. What’s the point of designing a room if I’m getting another grey chair? In fact, I just passed on a challenge because once again the prize is... you guessed it: a another grey chair. There needs to be a better mix of furniture too. I have a bazillion cabinets. Give me a dang rug! P.S. I really do love your game.
  • Love game, would love it more if some things were changed

    By wolffem
    I have a, for the most part, great time playing this game. I love interior design and I feel it is a creative outlet. But, I feel some things should be changed in order for me to enjoy it more. Because things are so expensive I find myself not playing it for a while because my rooms can't look the way I'd like them to. I understand having to repurchase items, because some items I wouldn't want to have in my inventory forever, and the game has to make it so that people have to spend money. But, I feel if you win a prize you should be able to purchase it at a reduced price, that isn't diamonds. If you didn't win the prize it should remain the same price. I need diamonds to buy art and plants over and over again, because they really make the room. And I can't afford to spend the amount of money I'd like to on furniture because not only can I not afford to buy diamonds, and they took the earn free diamonds option off, when you buy them they don't give you a very large amount so it really doesn't last long. I also feel the score after voting should round up if you get a score of 3.7 or higher because there have been so many times I've gotten a score of 3.99 and not gotten the prize which is so annoying. But overall, love the concept of the game. Just wish it could be a little more fun by letting me create the kinds of rooms I'd like to create.
  • Great Game, Needs Some Improvements

    By Rachie773
    I really do love this game! I enjoy doing the designs, and I’m always eagerly waiting my score for each design. I do however agree with many people’s responses around the expense required to buy accessories and wall art. I wish that if I bought an item, it was always my item and I didn’t have to continue repurchasing. My husband actually chastised me for the vast amount of money I have spent on this game. I also agree that the voting does not always seem accurate and that the criteria is not listed when someone is voting so the design may not reflect the desire of the customer and instead it’s just based on what the designer wants to design. I have changed the way I play because I recognize that I will not be judged on the client criteria, but on the general appeal. As I am voting, it seems that the two designs I am choosing between are very similar in style/quality/score. Therefore, the great designs are put together, and the designs that aren’t as good are put together. That would mean that some designs that should probably receive five stars do not because they were put up against others who are also very good. Finally, I really wish there was a way to earn more diamonds. It would be great if after you have achieved 75 keys, you could keep voting in order to receive diamonds. Great way to inspire people to vote and incentivize those of us who would like to earn diamonds more quickly.
  • Love the game!

    By Jacey Laine
    First off I love the app! I've been playing for months and haven't lost interest, that being said there's a few things I wish were different; first off I wish it was easier to earn cash I've put some of my own real money into the game and it's gone so quick but takes so long to add back up, second thing i think it'd be so fun to have mirrors available for wall decor the pictures and stuff sometimes just look weird but going without the decor looks weird too! Third thing is that I tend to find a few things frustrating the first being with the new update it takes HOURS to get your voting results, the second being the prizes often are things you can't use for a long period of time-I love the sectionals but they're not required often! The last thing is more of a personal preference more than anything I love when there are outdoor spaces to do I wish they were more frequent! I also really think it would be fun if you could choose more than just furniture in the rooms maybe do a series where you're in control of the paint and flooring too! in all I love the game and don't see myself quitting it anytime soon! This is an edit and I’d love the suggest the idea of being able SELL our unwanted stuff back! I have dozens of chairs i hate and won as prizes but I’ll never use i think it would be great to sell them or trade them in for something else and have to pay the difference kind of thing!
  • Good game!

    By Neenie43
    While I thoroughly enjoy this design game, I agree with the one persons review. It’s very hard to earn diamonds for the wall art and plants, decor, etc. I have spent a great deal of money on this game and would prefer if you upped the daily reward to 1000 instead of the 500 or allow us to keep the items for longer instead of just the amount of 5 per item. I realize that you need to spend money in order for the game to continue, but believe more people would be able to create more appeal of the rooms if they had a little more leeway. Also agree that the judging of the designs are not accurate. I also have had to adjust to the way I decorate because some people don’t even read the description of the room and what the design calls for, IE. a rustic dining room or an industrial living room. People just design it how they want and pay zero attention to what the room calls for and then get judged on the appeal of the room, instead of what you’re supposed to design. My score has suffered because of this and it’s really not fair. Not to be a whiner, but I’ve seen people get a higher score than I do, with just throwing a room together with items that don’t even match what the design calls for. If you say to design a kids room per say, then the items should be kid decor. I shouldn’t have to change the way I design for a better score and not follow any of the directions. Does they make sense to anyone?
  • Design addict

    By AlteredPerspective
    I have never been into video games before, and I am completely addicted to this game!!! I cannot stress this enough! I absolutely love it! However, if I am to be completely honest, I agree that earning cash/diamonds is too difficult. If I’m trying to stay within a design requirement and spending $1000+ (on a low end design) but only receive $500 for the design, that seems off. However, I saw someone else suggest earning diamonds for extra voting, which I agree would be an excellent way to incentivize more. Trading unused/unwanted items in would be great! Also once you hit a criteria level (plants, art, table stuff) you should get to use that unlimited, you already earned it. I also read how people don’t use the criteria mentioned in the description and the designs all end up being only neutral colors and monotonous. I suggest being more aggressive with item requirements, such as more color item requirements per design, and mix them up so that people can learn color theory while they play. I am so tired of voting for only black or white furnishings...I want to see more COLOR please!!! One last item...more challenges-more often, with higher rewards, one suggestion would be if a design wins 4.0 or higher and they use an element in their design that uses diamonds, then they earn those diamonds as a reward. But overall, I FREAKING LOVE this game!!! Thank you!!! Bravo!!! Keep tweaking!
  • Enough with the B&W rooms!

    By Roslin2018
    I just started playing the game and thoroughly enjoy it... except for the propensity of fellow players to vote for rooms designed in black and white or shades of gray no matter what the client brief identifies. Today’s case in point, a living room in Oahu that was to be designed “cozy, tropical, with playful decor” had three top designs in full on b&w totally lacking any connection to the tropical scenario. It’s one thing to design a room that doesn’t meet the specs, but an entirely different issue if other players are voting for them. There is a place for this kind of design (did a couple myself) but not *every* room. Players also seem to ignore the challenge when the room design is meant for a man. Someone else wrote a review and suggested the voting area show the design specs to remind people of the design challenge and I heartily agree. There are some amazingly talented people playing this game - and they use actual colors and take some risks in their designs. It’s a shame that the monochromatic designs are repeatedly rewarded. So... I recommend the game (even though it’s a bit expensive at the start) and encourage you to take the time to vote wisely. The game is quite relaxing and fun if you just enjoy the creative expression of doing the design that makes sense to you, admire the work of others as you vote, and don’t expect to earn rewards unless you go with monochromatic designs for every challenge.
  • Great fun but needs tweaks

    By GrubbyGrapes
    I’ve been playing this for a while now, and really enjoying it. I have even spent real money and don’t regret it. However, I anticipate that I will soon get tired of it because, even with spending real money, I find myself buying the same inexpensive furniture over and over; so do most players so rooms start looking all the same. It would be better if each challenge was set up more like the real world: a client has a room to be designed in a certain style and has X amount of dollars to spend. That way I could manage that money to purchase furnishings, deciding if I should splurge on an expensive carpet or spread the money out evenly, for example. With a more open-ended choice, the rooms would be far more diverse and interesting, and I doubt I’d ever get bored. Also, then I wouldn’t be left with pieces that aren’t always suitable for the other challenges. Lots of times I see rooms badly styled - like Victorian style furniture placed in a rustic challenge because folks are just trying to use up their stock. I also think the amount of decor could be greatly increased. Perhaps decor could be used as prizes, with a certain number of decor items being required as furniture now is. The rooms desperately need a greater selection of decor and the devs could use this as their money maker. If you decide to give this game a try, I would recommend getting their starter pack.
  • Fun to play but....

    By Nelliepea
    I’m often disappointed by the rating portion of the game. Having had years of study in design (mostly interior) I am very surprised that some of my best designs (in the game), which I used “in app purchases” to create the best most correct space (according to the description challenge provided), with what is available to us in the game, are always rated EXTRA low. I wouldn’t complain (after all it is a game and does not reflect my actual talent or skill level in the industry) but what really bothers me is that when you see the “top designs” many of them are esthetically unpleasing and considers no color flow, organization, rarely any attention on focal points or motif .... not only by my own standards and opinions but when I show them to my friends or peers they agrees. I wonder sometimes how the game is actually set up. I understand the game is not full of designers and people who know what they are looking at nor is it designed specially for designers to play, I just find it extremely annoying. I wish they could come up with a more accurate rating system. Over all it’s a relaxing and a some what addicting game that I will continue to play.... but will not purchase “diamonds” anymore as it seems to not matter if I spend money on improving my designs. A shame, because it’s so fun putting the rooms together and I would spend a lot of money playing if it seemed to make a difference for my “over all rating”. Oh well.
  • Addictive and beautiful graphics, but...

    By Ty&Lo
    Started this game about a week ago and was instantly hooked. Beautiful furniture, rooms, and huge inventory to choose from. It's very relaxing to sit down on a break and design a room. However, I too have to echo what has been mentioned before: 1. Many of the "winners" aren't being selected for the actual criteria listed. If I was a customer that wanted a specific style i.e. Rustic and I walk into a completely opposite direction of design like a contemporary style I'd be upset. What's the point of even having a specific challenge when others will just do their own thing. Not very fair to the ones actually designing for the specific style this challenge states. 2. Again, with the challenges not being specific to needs met--I recognize that it is difficult to buy anything the challenge requires if you're only limited to a few hundred diamonds per day, or having to vote so many times to get the allotted amount of keys, and with the daily challenge only $2500. Great idea, don't get me wrong, just a little refining and I'm sure the developer will get it right. 3. More daily challenges?? More challenges throughout the day!! Please. I hate waiting an entire day for votes/voting without working on my own project. Maybe don't wait so many days between designing and voting? I only write this review because this game is fun, addictive, and I really hope they can refine some of these mentioned features.
  • I'm Addicted

    By Sleepy girl B
    Love this!!! I downloaded the game when I was working as the GM of a furniture store and have been addicted ever since. It's fun and is a great way to learn about design and color palettes. I agree with the voting inaccuracies and I've noticed there is very little detail to the challenge when you vote. Give me the full story so I can vote fairly! If I haven't designed that room I don't know. It also seems like the best designs are always up against each other and so are the not so good ones. I think that affects the voting as well. I'm not mad about buying diamonds. Congrats on running an effective business. If you don't want to buy them, don't. I've also had no problem with TapJoy. It's just slow and I think you have to link your profile or they can't recognize that the task was completed? Not sure. I just bought 8,000 diamonds after completing a task and then two hours later my 12,000 diamond reward was there. Sorry for the lack of instant gratification here people. Be patient. I'm not going to lower the rating for first world problems like "you made me spend my money" or "I want to keep my furniture in virtual world! 😭". Yes, they want you to spend money. Real money. There are no pop up ads while we design a room for three hours. Be grateful and spend it honey. But can I please keep my accessories??!!!! 🙃
  • Good, could be great

    By Chiguynextdoor
    The actual app is actually fairly entertaining (for those who enjoy design); however, as with most, there is room for improvement. The furniture and other items are really quite expensive, and it’s difficult to create a good design without paying real money for extra “diamonds” — especially if one chooses to enter more than just the daily challenge. There are times I will have to collect the daily reward but skip entering the challenge, so I can save up enough diamonds. They do offer free diamonds through Tapjoy, but more than 1/2 the time, you don’t get the reward for the action. I think my only other issue is that it does seem a little gender biased. All challenges are determined by user ratings, and I’ve noticed there’s a strong preference toward girly/frilly/flowery designs. As a guy, I like more sleek, modern, monotone (or at least black/white/gray) and industrial, and those don’t get more than 4 stars except for a few key exceptions (mainly when the room is very contemporary and requires a modern design — there are often requirements for challenges). I guess since it is an interior design app, it does make sense that the majority of the users would be females, which is disappointingly stereotypical. All in all it’s a fun app. If one doesn’t mind in-app purchases, it’s a great app. I just have a very hard time justifying paying for apps or in-app options.
  • Purchases not always correct

    By Expectant Patient
    I love playing this game but I’ve noticed that it’s possible to purchase the same item without knowing it, leaving the player with two of the same item. It also seems that not all items purchased are available for all of the stated number of uses. Further, it’s an unfair advantage to higher score players to have their designs judged against those of lower level players. The availability of higher end wall decor and decorator items increases as the levels are completed creating an advantage for the higher leveled designs. Also, when borrowing from another player, the item should be available as a duplicate if used in the same design. It’s not helpful to be permitted an opportunity to borrow a sofa, for example, in a design that requires two and be unable to use the borrowed item more than once. I’ve also noticed that special design items purchased seem to disappear, regardless of the number of uses remaining available, when the limited use timeframe expires. That’s not fair to the player. If items are purchased they should remain available for use until the designer has exhausted their use. Finally, not all purchased items show as owned in spite of the money being taken from the designer. I agree with the other review... purchased items should remain the property of the designer, rather than limited to a certain number of uses. Seems very one sided...
  • Wildly Addictive - but Wildly Expensive!

    By llcreader
    I’ve loved this app since I found it, just a few weeks ago. I’m not a professional designer or anything, but an avid HGTV viewer and I love to learn about interior design. So every challenge has been so much fun! Great concept, but, sadly, I have to say goodbye. Just too expensive to play well, and no fun to play badly! I agree with other comments I’ve seen, that the following improvements would encourage more players, and ultimately, a more successful app: 1. For the love of heaven, when we buy items, why can’t we keep them? Making your users buy the same items over and over again just seems greedy and mean. 2. Isn’t there some way to help or at least encourage voters to stick with the design criteria, rather than just voting for what they like? Maybe a daily reward for designers and voters who stick most closely to the stated criteria. 3. Diamonds need to replenish more quickly if you want people to continue playing every day. Obviously, the reason they don’t replenish is because you want people to buy diamonds. However, unless your demographic is limited to only the wealthy, your player base is going to disintegrate at some point, hopefully before they’re in bankruptcy and/or divorce court. Which brings me back to my decision to delete the app. I will miss it, but the credit card statement I received in the mail today is a powerful motivation. And I’d like to stay married.
  • Art work

    By Dragon City beware
    Often the art work makes the room or design come together. It’s frustrating to have such limited choices at first and to see great designs only have beginner choices which doesn’t help those designer compete on a fair basis. Maybe instead of picking furniture items that are the same you base competitions on the level of art someone works with. The game costs too much to play buying the same items over and over. Once something is purchased it should stay in purchased section. Otherwise great game. But I may have to go back to cheaper games even if sudoku gets boring. Puzzles are cheap and if you love color, just about as satisfying. Tired of white, black and grey. What’s with grey anyway? It’s everywhere in real life and so ugly imho. It’s lighter than black and doesn’t show dirt like white and pillows can be changed to revive what has become boring but it’s grey that is boring to start with. Don’t you envy all the Cubans with their colorful uniquely designed 50’s cars. The we went to silver or grey cars you can’t tell from pavement. Come on America. Show some life. Put some big color back out there. My first live in life was color from the Golden Book The Color Kittens. We need more art for our designs and try a picture with some purple or lavender so we can use the couch with lavender pillows more.
  • Love the idea, but needs a couple changes

    By FishHa01
    The majority of the concepts found in this game are great, the guidelines and styles are varied so you don’t get bored, and the rooms and products are beautiful! That being said, my biggest complaint is how wacky the voting is - designs that win five stars often have NOTHING to do with what the “client” has requested, which in the real design world WOULD NOT WORK. I don’t know if it’s mostly because it takes five votes to get three keys (which I will admit, gets really old after a while) so people just pick one for the keys instead of the design, or if it’s something else, but it can be very frustrating when a design that meets all of the criteria gets a 3.78 and another that is monochromatic and doesn’t reflect the style of the room gets a 5.00. The other biggest issue I have (like many of my other fellow players) is how hard it is to get diamonds, and how overpriced wall art and accessories are. The pieces that often make a design come together should not be harder to purchase than a couch or bed. I really enjoy playing this game, it’s by far the most realistic, beautiful, and thought out design game I’ve seen. However, these two aspects are making it far less enjoyable than it could be, and it’s getting pretty frustrating at this point. I would love to see some other options for earning diamonds and keys, and maybe that will help with the voting as well!
  • Fun but needs tweaking

    By BklynSprngWtr
    I’ve been playing for several months now and it’s fun but a few things would make it better. First, allow the ability to check off items and then view checked items when in a room designing. If I have a choice of 60 sofas it gets tedious and annoying to try and recall which ones I liked, scrolling back and forth to try them in the room. There should be a tab where a person can save maybe 5 items at a time. Not permanently but just while in a room designing. Sometimes I get so tired of all the scrolling I give up and just don’t bother. Second, diamonds are earned way too slowly in an obvious attempt to coerce ppl into paying for the specialty decorative items that can only be purchased with diamonds. Without them your rooms don’t look as good as others so you don’t get good ratings and lose competitions. Once again, sometimes I just going the app to get my free daily cash and diamonds and don’t enter any competitions so I can build my money/diamonds and finally be able to afford to create a decent room. Do something about this, why can we convert cash into diamonds but not vice/versa? Also don’t bother ever completing the offers to earn diamonds, there’s only about a 25% chance you’ll get them and no support provided to petition to receive diamonds you may have downloaded apps, taken surveys and watched videos to get. So it’s 3 Stars.
  • Design Home

    By CherieLH
    The creators of this app need to get a different reward system. They use Tapjoy who is just a joke. You rarely get the diamonds that you eArn and if you try to use their system to get them, it's only offers you the option to try to get them for about 10 of the hundreds of offers they have. Without being able to get diamonds, it ruins the game experience. The app can be fun, however, some of the furniture that I won as prizes for designs are not always things you can use. Also, if you need to lease (they call it purchase, but it's only good for 5 uses) furniture, you can only have 2 pieces of "unpurchased" furniture in a design. If you need to "purchase" more than two pieces, you can't see what the completed design looks like until you "purchase" at least a piece or two of the furniture. The Design Home support is quick and friendly, but they can't help with the most frustrating part of the game which is their "bonus" feature. You need diamonds in order to purchase design elements. You can earn extra diamonds to use to "purchase" furniture and other design items, but the company they use for bonuses is "Tapjoy" which is a crock. I only received the diamonds for completing offers for about 10% of the offers I completed. Also, the surveys will say you just need to complete a 10 question survey, but when you finish that survey, you have to do another one, and then another one. I spent 20 minutes completing a "quick 10 question survey" and then received no bonus.
  • Fun, but really needs development work

    By Jess-123454321
    This app is fun and a great way to relax for a few minutes a day. However, there are two features that make me lose interest in it. 1). The voting process. There are so many designs that are really bad - either they don’t match the theme or they contain the bare minimum of objects that don’t even match. Those designs often have 4+ stars. Lately I have observed that about half my designs get less than 4 stars even when they match the theme and there is flow and coherence in the design (this is not a question of taste - it is totally obvious when someone has just thrown things together to get the $$ vs. someone who put in effort even if their design is not “my style.” 2) I don’t spend money on games that collect money for advertising (which this game does; the brands are real and they pay to be featured in the game), so I jumped through a bunch of hoops to “earn” free diamonds and I wasn’t given the reward even though I followed the instructions. Customer service never responded to my inquiry. I think considering the amount of money they receive from advertising they could make it easier to earn money and diamonds in the game. After all, the whole point is that people find items they like and then actually purchase the “real thing” for their own homes. The more you play, the more items you find and the greater the probability of purchasing from the brands that are paying for adverts in.
  • Beware

    By Yuck1!1!222
    I absolutely love this game. It's super fun BUT...There is something off with it! I'm not entirely sure the makers & people who run it are honest. I wasn't receiving my Daily Diamonds & so stupidly I purchased them because basically you can't play the game otherwise. When I learned I should be getting them every day if I collected the daily reward, I complained to customer service & asked to be reimbursed with more diamonds. They told me how to remedy the situation (I couldn't find anything in their Q&A section) but didn't say or do anything about reimbursing me. I contacted them twice more before they finally told me they can't help me & directions to contact iTunes. Sketchy! It also seems like prices are adjusted depending on the daily design challenges making them even more expensive when needed for a challenge. Items also disappear from personal inventory without having used them up. Also, it's way too expensive! There should be more diamonds given every day & items should cost less...It's a total scam! Fun, but a scam! Lastly voting seems really strange sometimes! I realize they say it's not set up to favor anyone or any items & that certain designers aren't given special perks however, I don't know... Something is not right! I just wonder what if anything they aren't being above board about? Someone should report them! My recommendation...Don't use this app! It's addictive & once they reel you in you'll feel scammed!
  • Unreliable, cumbersome - too bad for otherwise fun game

    By Jakm2atx
    After playing this game for months - my entire inventory was wiped out with one of their updates! Customer service is nonexistent- no help at all. No solution to this problem - and I see several people having the same problems. They need to fix the bugs and address some of the recurring concerns that make this game too cumbersome to enjoy. All my previous points still apply - but this latest flaw and the lack of support make this a very unreliable game, especially if you spend your own money on the app. Don't make that mistake! Glad I didn't!!!!! This was my initial review: Agree with common suggestions for improvement and hope these will be considered and implemented. Make money and diamonds easier to get, otherwise it's too hard to get pieces needed for specific room requirements. Make sure challenges actually reward you with diamonds when completed. They very often do NOT reward you - very frustrating. Voting is fine - but it's odd to see some of the highlighted winners which are clearly NOT the best designs. Hmm .... Maybe make 4 star winners get prizes and a little money or diamonds. And let us keep our purchased items and prizes longer - - 5 times to use these items isn't enough. And some of the accessories - let us just keep those. All these would make this a 5 star app - I'd play more and be even more addicted! I truly hope someone reads these reviews and implements some of these recurring suggestions!
  • Design home feedback

    By smitty3533
    I do like this game, however, the levels are hard to move up in. A million dollars for each level is tough to do and costly. Also you have us up against others who are several levels ahead and can decorate with stuff more appropriate which really isn’t right. You should group by levels since they are so hard to advance in. I would also like to see how many votes we actually got. Honestly, 3.99 makes me wonder how many votes I missed out on to get awarded something at the 4.0?! We spend real money to get diamonds and design a room and get nothing for our effort at all in the end is discouraging. I also notice, and may be a reason for me to move on from this app, the winners are almost always on a black and white color scheme?? They don’t even seem to read what the task is about. They obviously have to put certain requirements in to enter, but, a little kids room should not have big red lips on wall and win. That is my point as stated above.....the animals or space pictures are so out of bedrooms are almost impossible to do. And a teens room with baby blocks on the floor or an abc chalk board win the votes?? I know it’s voted on by people who play, but, there should be a way to change it to reflect the story you put with it. A house for the future and rustic or traditional take the 5.0 isn’t right, in my opinion.